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Tango Sara Nov 2016
I thought I could see
Truth in those eyes
Stand still with them
Under the skies.
Whether there's stars
Or rises full moon
To find the peace
Again in that room.

I thought I could feel
Its touch once again
It'd run through my vains
Without any pain.
Whether there's fear
Or just my body's sigh
I was hoping to find
A piece of peace in that eye.

I thought I could catch
That wonderful smile
To have mine come again
At least for a while.
Whether there's darkness
Or just ray of light
I thought I was stronger
To handle this fight.
Tango Sara Oct 2016
You are the only one whom I can't talk about you.
I don't ask for a thing,
That's all I get.

No, it's not the courage that won't let me,
With words about you
In front of you to speak.
But this reality.

You are someone's...

If only you were mine
For a glance of moment,
So that I could turn around
And never come back
After that...

I would have kept words in embrace...

Every dancing second would say,
That again, in that moment,
I belong to you.

— The End —