A single flower in the
darkness grows
Struggling beneath
the shadows
Among the jagged rocks
Where harsh winds blow
Beaten by life
Petals torn
Wilted and alone
Seeking light
To glimmer through the darkest nights
Raising it petals to the sun
once more
Feeling life
As the sun burst the shadows aside
The power of light turning
the dark to a sun filled morning
As the clouds roll by renewing it's life
The little flower bends beneath the winds
Among the rocks in the crevices
Where life began in the shadows
Which is where it's strength
came from
As the harsh winds blowed inside the shadows
of life
The little flower grew in darkness
filled with light inside
Somehow it knew outside the shadows
the sun shined.

By Weeping willow

Written a few year ago.

A goddess drops her chin.
Her finger covers her lips.
She says “shh”.
As her tears fall to earth
And her hair falls upon
Our faces.  
May 22.2017


Two dancers danced upon the moon
While I gazed into the heavens high
And there I stayed, my soul marooned
Hoping I could join them soon
And spring from earth into the sky

The Godhead's wrath and turbulence directs  -
the bitter December coast
A plurality of seaside ghost appear in-
briny , whited confusion
Gray wayfarer illusions o'er -
stinging sands

Copyright December 8 , 2017 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved

"Irreplaceable employees" are replaced the day after
they're interred

Copyright December 8 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
 Dec 2017 Tammy M Darby
Lady Bird

slick and cold hearted
making tears fall like
hail in an ice storm
stealing sweetness from sugar
without touching a grain
a diamond once a beautiful soul
broken shadowed in false hopes
a hologram in a world of doubt
a heart without any answers
depraved forever

 Dec 2017 Tammy M Darby
The Noose

Serenity under the ripe lurid sun
The steady breeze of air
From the mountain peak
Created sublime hymns
of rebirth and restoration
And filled the chasm in my heart
Through and through

Enclosed in auroras majestic luminescence
Weightless and lionhearted
Unconstrained by trivialities
Of everyday obligations
I pondered on the authenticity
Of new found clarity

As I fed on the tantalizing
aroma of euphoria
I savoured each breath

When I emerged
From the picturesque surrounds
I prayed I had abandoned all my convictions
In the field of yellow stained daffodils

I penned this in the formative years of my writing.
 Dec 2017 Tammy M Darby
 Dec 2017 Tammy M Darby

Solemn nocturne
accompanies my night

Invisible orchestra
serenading the moon

You will sing
the chorus of this respite

But all had ended
in a verse sung too soon

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