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Tammy Boehm Mar 2016
Considering Eve
Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. (Genesis 5:2 KJV)
From the moment you breathed
Dust disturbed across this barren earth
I was clothed in radiance
Infusa lux Dei
Skin and bone and soul
As one we walked in the still of the morning
Tender blooms un-bruised by the weight
Of flesh pressed soft
Fertile ground I found
The fatal embrace
Sinister beauty
And choices begat consequence
And consequence begat the lie
Never the two shall become one flesh again
Desperate we search for the God shaped hole
In our hearts
Filling the emptiness with poison
Until the acid bleeds from my tongue
Suckling the ******
Of Babylon
I will burn forever and never be free

Trace the letters set in stone
Echoes etched by the hand of the Paschal lamb
Qui sine peccato est primus lapis sint eiecti
And still the ******* would sell my daughters
To sons for a goat and a gold nose ring
And consider Eve the mother of all imperfection
Yet you named us Adam…we were one…

Forgive them Father for they’re too stupid to understand
Angels with flaming swords a metaphor lost
On sheeples and E.C. Wannabes
Intervention is a painful consequence when haughty children
Cleave bone and souls to succor their own crave
This crumbling throne is transient
I will walk in the cool of the morning with you
Clothed in light

TL Boehm
published in Mavguard Magazine.
Tammy Boehm Mar 2016
Put my petty dreams on the altar
My wasted time at your feet
Set my shattered soul before you
And this body worn by defeat
On my knees and I surrender
The battle lost now i retreat
And you meet me in this chaos
In the dirt and the tears and pain
In the middle of my humanity
Remind me who I am again
I’m your child and you’ve adored me
Forever loved since time began
In you I am beautiful
In you I am free
Only in you do I shine true
Your light bright in me
I’ll live this life reflecting you
Grace is my destiny
TL Boehm
Last God poem. Peace.
Tammy Boehm Mar 2016
I want to live life fearless
I want to live life brave
I want to live a legacy
This soul you died to save
Electricity you’re life to me
Free forever from the grave

Your breath across the water
Your words set in my heart
This spark of life so holy
Now I am set apart
Wrapped up in your pure presence
Where I end is where you start

I was made to worship you God
With all I am and am to be
My love poured out for you God
Like your life poured out for me
Electricity your love for me
Lights up everything I see

TL Boehm
Feb 2015
This is one of the last of its kind I suppose. I was inspired by a worship leader who said that God's love was like electricity. I wrote this and sent it to the worship leader and absolutely nothing happened. I now am in a place where I no longer attend regular praise and worship. No choir, no joy....I go to a church out of obligation and because of this and so many more reasons - I no longer praise. At least not like this. I believe it is integral but I am currently unable to do it. Just rambling.
Tammy Boehm Mar 2016
Will you will or will you won’t
Will you do well when you don’t
Will you look right up and see
The mighty presence that is Me

Swing your saber through the wilderness
Taking hearts in stride
Will your will still carry you
Through the jungle of your pride
Will you will this road you’re on
Detoured from why I died
Will you will away eternity
Aim for Hell on a stellar ride

Will you nullify the light I give
Let the shadows dim this place
Every  time I call your name
Will you turn from my face
You can set your will against me
But my love won’t be erased
Do what you will to will it still
You’re forever my child of grace

I’m on your side as you run this race
It is my will to give you grace
No Hell no earthly place
Separates you from this grace
TL Boehm
January 2015
Tammy Boehm Mar 2016
Breathe life over dead situations
Blow the roof off of limited expectations
Seed and rain change the barren ground
One word from you turns my life around

Speak your words and I believe it
Hear the promise I receive it
All my tears are wiped away
Live this life no reservation
Heaven is my destination
I will worship you today

Reignite the burned out flame
You call me out you change my name
From death to life your word calls me
From slave to saved you’ve set me free

Speak your words and I believe it
Hear your promise I receive it
In your grace I am made new
Life this life no reservation
Heaven is my destination
Forever I will worship you

TL Boehm
Tammy Boehm Mar 2016
So you're the queen of hearts
Barefoot summer grass green and cool
Trade that tiara and party dress
A princess is now the fool
And its dreams not dragons laid slain
What will you do when it rains

What will you do when it rains
When Mr. Perfect is Mr. Pain
When your Prince Charming is so alarming
Love songs are a sad refrain
What will you do when it rains

Unicorns pure they surrender themselves
Gilded brows genuflect at your knees
Open your eyes to the stark surprise
The fairy tale hero you think you see
Mr. Right is Joe Mundane
What will you do when it rains

Love confronts and love contends
A battle over but war won't end
Only the strong remain
Life's not fair and love is war
The hardest fight worth fighting for
When you lose you gain
What will you do when it rains

TL Boehm
Every time I see a pair of flitting little love birds cooing and nuzzling - the song "Love Stinks" pops into my head....
Real love is terrifying, messy and complex.
Tammy Boehm Mar 2016
Is it divine dissatisfaction
Or just a chemical reaction
To a system overload
Run the meter to the red
Am I all up in my head
Do I shut it down or implode

Can’t settle for status quo
There’s so much more I want to know
This is not my reality
You can hang by your circumstance
Or cut that rope and take a chance
Could you handle being free

Cyclical day and night
Spinning at the speed of light
Lost in the blur of our lives
This black hole gravity
Has done its work on me
It’s a pull I can’t survive

So rescue me from oblivion
My heart is open to let you in
Change my linear destiny
No more victim of circumstance
Give me grace to take the chance
We were meant to be free
TL Boehm
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