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our thievery done,
you steal my ****** prize--
gems bouncing on moss
A night as quaint as this has no place for the bravest kids.

It teeter totters right on faith and sin
As a creature falters inside made of pins and needles eager to fray the wit.

A leader fathers the right to slay and bleed away at the sane and sick.
And there you are, tamed and whipped.

A night as quaint as this has no need to embrace these kids
I fall in love a little
with people who could
write well.
Such beautiful minds;
their words are facets
of escaped thoughts.
It's lovely.

hold me close, even when i tell you to go
i need it the most, tell me that you hate me and leave
but come back soon, lay still on my chest
i will play dead, heartbreak and heartache
i'll be the one leaving traces on your skin
 Dec 2016 Tamal Kundu
The vast space between them
As the sun continually chases the moon,
Who smiles back at the sun.
Watching her in the dark
Knowing she's admiring him from afar,
The sun can distinguish the moon
In the dark with a thousand stars
But the moon has trouble finding the sun.
One day, they'll be in front of each other.

As the moon says,
   " Ah, this is the girl who radiates
       As beautiful as the stars around me"
And the sun says,
   "So, I finally get to see the boy
       Who perfectly reflects my light,
       A quiet mirror of my own image"

When that day comes,
That will be the time
The world will stop.
To the celestial lovers, to the suns and moons.
When drama arises on the television,
Our eyes glow with wonderment,
Interested in how misery destroys lives.

Every time we read the newspaper,
We stare at the front page containing pain,
Anxious to read what caused so much anguish.

Stories of righteousness are rarely the top headlines,
As our dull lives are fascinated with something different,
So people are amazed by themes of misfortunes that excites.

Individuals are imperfect humans and require excitement,
Living that life where they’re typically working from nine to five,
Needing that spark that leads to shock.

The media should create more stories of peace,
News that can produce a huge smile,
Not entertainment that results in jaws dropping.

Telling tales like recovering from illness,
Displaying those happy people who are healed,
Reporting hope is a much better message.

— The End —