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Tam Minh Vu Apr 2016
How does one compare Hollywood to her?
What part of their dull inconsistency
Or pretentious shallow vague grandeur?
My adult lover, stars be infantry
How does one compare opera to them?
Her voice a hymn, a melody with prose
Their voice of shrill screeching and sticky phlegm
They stumbled with mere age while she rose
How does foolish romance compare to us?
What part of the mechanical routine
Of repeated phrases and ugly fuss
To our devotion they are obscene
My lover is eternal her name .com
And for her I serve to forever embalm
  Apr 2016 Tam Minh Vu
Matthew James
I had two lizards.
Their names were E's and Whizz after the Pulp song, which was apparently about drugs.
Lizards aren't like drugs.
They're just different.
You can't take a lizard to get high.
You could try it with the right kind of frog but licking a lizard just makes you look weird.
Plus if you tried to swallow one, it would get stuck in your throat.
Lizards don't like that.
Plus you'd get done for animal cruelty.
It's ok though, you'd have the excuse that you were smacked off your t**s on Lizard.
I looked after them,
But they kind of melted.
This was real,
Not drugs.
I hadn't tried drugs.
I hadn't licked a lizard.
Lizards aren't like drugs anyway,
but we've already covered that,
it's a bad analogy.
It was horrid watching them,
Think I over heated the tank.
I think it's kind of an analogy for life.
You can spend your life buying all the right food
Keeping the temperature just right.
But never enjoy your lizard  
Too busy thinking about food and heat.
Or you can just get on with things.
Enjoy your lizards,
crank up the heat  
see what happens.
I think life's better like that.
Not for lizards though.
Mine melted.
You've got to keep their temperature right.
It was a bad analogy.  

I'm still single if anyone's interested?
Tam Minh Vu Apr 2015
Ms. Lindsey , you call yourself a bae
But you hide the tears on a paper napkin at lunch
Overall your overalls can't cloak your depression,
Your feelings of uselessness,
Your broken smiles, and detest of your ex

Kids no longer shoot paper ball at the teachers, afraid to see you crumble
Girls no longer roll their eyes as you compliment their hair
Fear creeps up people's spine, but not the way Mrs. Rogers does it
Don't you see?
Don't you that we're harming your happiness?

The quiet girl with a book in her nose approaches you
After all, she's nosy
And she asks you, "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you okay?"
You smile that same broken smile, laugh, and say, "Don't fall in love, ever.
People are only out to hurt people."
The next day you were gone

Ms. Lindsey, you never came back
But we found your folder showing us your hours worth of lesson plans
In the end our ignorance and judgement taught us that there is more people than meets the eye
Your lessons on the solar system struck us and are embedded
Your broken smiles taught us even the broken can function
Tam Minh Vu Apr 2015
Give me a little twinkle in your eye
Show me a little shake on your hips
Sing with a giggle, a brazen laugh
But nothing will be bright as a smile on stage

Give me a little hug when I cry
Show me your warm, calloused hands
Whisper to me lines of comfort
But nothing will be as loving as a warm smile shining down to me

Give me trust! Care! Love!
Show me arms stretched out, trusting and holding me at the same time
Scream from the top of your lungs, "I'm your guardian, your parent!"
But nothing will ceases my tears as quickly as a smile, expressing, with a curve of your lip
How much love exists

Strange, an idol, an obsession, created by a crinkle of the eyes and the curve of a lip
Subtle, bright, brilliant, the thing that keeps the relationship intact
But forgotten, as you want to be a cool kid
Consumed by apathy
The need to show happiness
Everyone forgets to smile all the time. People forget what it can do for a person.
  Mar 2015 Tam Minh Vu
They don't care about us
They're only laughing at us
The police is a undercover gang
3 letter abbreviation is there slang
Deparments only mentioned a few
Only to *****, me and you, lil fool!
Go to school, your brain's the tool
Make us feel less, reality we are the best
Give us chump change, isn't it strange
We have enough just to survive
Mercedes-Benz, Bentlys what they drive
Fighting one another, my brother
Understand this the plan, klu klux ****
Holding us down, to the filthy ground
They laugh, joke, make fun of us
Like woosies scatter when I bust em up
Straight hit em up, wet em up,
Straighten them up, that's what's up

I speak for thee oppressed in stress
I speak for the lost, and forgotten
I speak for the hungry, corpse rotten
I speak for the voiceless, & hopeless
I speak for the poor who strive for more
I speak for the child digging for cans
I speak for the homeless, undressed

I am the one, who will be given the power to execute, destroy, eliminate any oppressive force, standing in humanity's way!
Tam Minh Vu Mar 2015
With your kiss
You send me to oblivion
With your kiss
You make me weak in the knees

How warm you feel in my mind.

With your kiss
Your eyes burn into my mind
With your kiss
I feel arms

I feel the arms of a wooden chair
I feel the hard cold truth

Just a picture
Just a smile
Just a person
Unaffected by the touch of my lips
The stare of my eyes
The trickle of my tears

But your kiss is still there
Just let it stay there
Tam Minh Vu Mar 2015
Miss Elliot is not just a single mom

Miss Elliot is not just white trash

Because Miss Elliot must stay calm

In the lunchroom, though she grins wide, she’ll crash

In the West End High lunchroom peak hour

Miss Elliot, our warrior stands strong

"You ugly white trash," they scream at the door

But she keeps quiet, she won't yell you're wrong

At home, she has a little one to watch

She packs her bag, cleans off her recipe

She claws in her mind for hope hard to catch

As she quietly gives us a whisper

"So what will it be

Chris, Molly, Rudy?"
Call this my debut on Hello Poetry. I hope you like it.

— The End —