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Dec 2020 · 283
I want
Talon Robinson Dec 2020
To fall for you,
Not your looks,
Your personality.
You to make me smile,
Uncontrollably smile,
Even when I don't want to.
To not feel alone,
Even when I am,
Just to know that,
You are there.
To be happy,
With you,
Because of you.
But what is us,
Because us hasn't happened.
To deserve you,
No matter what happens,
I'm not deserving of you,
I'm not deserving of happiness.
I want you to read it right. Only use the title after every period.
Dec 2020 · 248
Waiting (You knew)
Talon Robinson Dec 2020
You knew, you knew,
That I've been waiting on you
Because you are stuck
In my head
Just there
I've told you how I felt
I just want you to say yes
Test the waters
I wish to help you
Overcome what you have feared
Commit to a possible happiness
That's what I'm doing
I want to be happy
And you appear to be my solution
But am I yours
I don't want you to feel pressured
Because let's be real
I don't deserve you
But I want to try
And see if I can
Get myself to feel good enough
To be with you
But until then I'll be
Waiting on you
Inspiration from a friend's song
Dec 2020 · 162
What happens
Talon Robinson Dec 2020
What happens when
You become the center of my world
My world changing
To include you in it
In it for the long run
Not sure why I want you
Want you to adore me
About as much as I do you
Do you think we'd be happy
Like I see it in my head
My head flashing your image
Am I in your head
Your head sealing my heart away
I wish to seal a part of you
Of you and your mental
Drives me crazy
Me crazy to think of happiness
Whatever happiness you bring me
Bring me home
Let me show you my soul
My soul begs for this weird connection
We seem to possess
Dec 2020 · 134
Pokemon Romance
Talon Robinson Dec 2020
I want us to
Walk on the beach in Lilycove City
Watch the Luvdisc swim by
Dare each other to go into Lavender Town
Hold your hand in Floaroma Town
I want to be Volbeat
And you Illumise
In reality you're Milotic
And im just Carnivine
It'll hurt but relax in Snowbelle City
Spend the day at a Poké Spot
I'd figure out your favorite
Travel to the region and get you one
Us living happily in our roles
Our love growing through time
My Croagunk loving you
What more could you ask for
In a Pokémon world
Nov 2020 · 108
Reasons why
Talon Robinson Nov 2020
I don't deserve you
I don't see how I would
There's many things you do
That I couldn't begin to repay
The smile you force upon me
I couldn't give you one half as big
The full feeling you give me
I'd only be a false half
The way you supercharge my heart
Yours probably slows down
I want to be in your embrace
You probably withdraw from the thought
Your laugh giving me such joy
Mine scratching your ears
I want to hold your hands
Your hands get uncomfortable at the idea
Thinking of us together a dream
You think of it as a nightmare
You make me feel less than a failure
I'm just another person
I love seeing your texts
You probably could care less
You make everything feel amazing
I'm probably a sour taste to you
I don't deserve a relationship with you
You're to good for me
Aug 2020 · 186
Into the Eyes
Talon Robinson Aug 2020
Be careful where you look,
For you might peer,
Into the Eyes.
The window to the soul.
The eyes that draw you in,
Might be the same that end you.
Look away
Don't be fooled
Trouble is what follows
For my eyes,
(Yes my eyes).
Sweet enough to
Make your mouth water.
A taste so enticing
Wanting more
Yet, wondering
What a taste is actually like.
From my eyes,
To yours.
What do you see?
Do you see
My eyes,
Mesmerizing you?
Captivating your soul?
Entwining it to mine?
Together maybe for a while,
Maybe for life,
Who knows?
Just beware,
My eyes!
Jul 2020 · 461
To late
Talon Robinson Jul 2020
I feel like
To late
To say what I feel
To late
To act upon it
To late
To finally say anything
To late
To be happy
To late
To realize what they have
To late
To complete me
To late
Look forward to the future
To late
With you
To late
Maybe to move on
To late
Moved into my head
To late
So what should I do
To late
I'm sorry
To late
I feel like I'm in love
To late
So I truly believe that it's
To late
Jul 2020 · 204
The Lies We Tell
Talon Robinson Jul 2020
Look away
Tell yourself what you want
That it isn't what you think
The lies we tell
To make yourself feel better
To turn yourself away
If there's anything you think
The lies we tell
If there's a will
You will find a way
Or so
The lies we tell
What is the last thought
Before you are true
To yourself
Or is that just
The lies we tell
Jul 2020 · 180
Talon Robinson Jul 2020
Do you truly know
How it really feels
To look at you everyday
Knowing what I know
Looking ahead
What is the end goal
That you seek
I denied for to long
Pushed it down
Wanted to look away
To not hurt myself
Yet I need to
Hurt myself from the inside
Since you won't
I have to
Feb 2020 · 149
Here I Am
Talon Robinson Feb 2020
So here I am
Wondering about you
Resisting myself
Telling myself not to do it
Do not text her
Make her miss you
But probably not
Then now
So you sit here
Tell me
You don't know
Yet I feel indifferent
As if you do know
You don't want to lead me
But you remain
Trapped in my head
Forcing my smile
I want to try
Take a step
Into a new world
As long as you're in it
Friendly or more
I just want to try it
With you
In fact
Do I leave your head
What about the first kiss
Or the next
The last?
What am I doing
The one thing I hate
Exposing myself to you
Yet again
Feb 2020 · 118
Talon Robinson Feb 2020
In fear that I lose you completely
My mind tells me to let go
But I'm scared
If only you knew.
How would you react
How am I suppose to react
When I want to just look away
Yet everything is a mirror
Showing me some part of you
Like a nightmare
I don't want to forget
A dream that's enticing
Yet unreachable
Feb 2020 · 215
Looking away
Talon Robinson Feb 2020
I care to much to look away
You've made this happen
Your laugh
Your innocent looks
You truly don't understand
What really lies in my mind
I dread waiting for your texts
I regret my patience to wait
Yet I wait
And wait
Until I see you have responded
It drives me insane
How sane you make me
I shouldn't have you on my mind
Yet putting you out makes me ache
So I drive myself crazy
Because I know your eyes
Tames my insanity
We're suppose to be friends
My mind tells me not to ruin that
But I want to push the limit
Just because of how you make me feel
I hide it from you
Bury it deep down
I don't want you to truly know
How much I care
Feb 2020 · 120
Needs to be done
Talon Robinson Feb 2020
I'm about to do
What needs to be done
Stuck in my mind
Not trying to leave
You've taken up residence
Telling you how I feel is
What needs to be done
Although you've probably figured it out
You're smart enough.
It still
Needs to be done
You've unintentionally jumped into
    my life
I've exposed myself to you
You know my weaknesses
My flaws
The least I can do is
Expose myself
No matter how weird I feel
No matter how uncomfortable
Because truly
It's what needs
To be done
Jun 2019 · 145
Life without Regrets
Talon Robinson Jun 2019
Take your own advice
Don't just give it to others
See if it works
Live without regrets
That's mine
I should take it to
Never live thinking
What if
That's always been my fear
That the what if's
Are the suppose to be's
Life can only tell you no
Then you can go on
Maybe I should
Live life to the fullest
Get rid of the what if's
And go with what I feel
Someone recently convinced me
Listen to yourself
Because you listeb to your gut
And follow your own path
That leads to your own happiness
So I'll start with my motto
And stop having "what if's"
Because some what if's
Are should haves
Jun 2019 · 120
Talon Robinson Jun 2019
I have these moments
Of Sorrow, Hatred, Pain
For myself
But i also have
Love, Admiration, Breath-taking
Moments for others
How can I feel myself
What I do others
Sometimes it does happen
And I treasure those
Sometimes a total switch
But it soon goes back
For I'd rather hate myself
And dump my love on another.
Jun 2019 · 189
Force it out
Talon Robinson Jun 2019
I want to force it out
But you have it under lock and key
Not with any lock and key
A skeleton key
A master lock
With no way to find them
Before i was uninterested
But now
Now something
I cant quite put my finger on it
But something has caught my eye
My attention
My motivation
To try my luck
Find the key
Open the lock
And release it
Whatever it is
That you feel needs to be locked
I want to know
I have to know
I need to know
Jun 2019 · 152
Quite the mystery
Talon Robinson Jun 2019
Quiet on the surface
Yet i sense something within
A mysterious aura
Seeping out of you
On the surface you appear to be quiet
Appearing to be held back
All for the look
Of innocence.
Well that really causes me
A problem
I found your tattoo
I found your secrets
Your hinting at more
Enticing me like treasure in the open
An easy steal
But i feel a trap
I won't fall in it
But should I
Like i said before
I found your tattoo
Apr 2018 · 160
How does it look
Talon Robinson Apr 2018
How does it look
When neither of us is happy
When the air is heavy
Toxic with anger
Yet we love each other
Nights looking like a sleep over
Rather than a loving home
How does it look
When we don't talk
Yet leave in the same car
No eye contact
Yet we love each other
I can't tell you how it looks
Im on the inside
Not the outside looking in
But i can tell you
Exactly how it feels
Apr 2018 · 227
Trial and error
Talon Robinson Apr 2018
I try
I fail
I try
I fail
Eventually I will get it
But when
I try
I fail
Dont think about it
Just go
And you will succeed
Just do
Think later
I try
And wait for the next outcome
Apr 2018 · 254
Who are you
Talon Robinson Apr 2018
Who are you
Who do you think you are
Such a beauty
Making me feel quite odd
You're so out of reach
Yet within an arms reach
A look so complex
Yet so simple
A super cliche name
That fits you perfectly
I sound so struck
Yet you haven't attacked
You say let's take it slow
All I can say is how slow
You don't know it
But you mean a lot if this happens
If I make a poem because of you
Apr 2018 · 321
This is why
Talon Robinson Apr 2018
This is why I write
For times like this
When I have no idea
And you don't let me in
I'm left guessing
Out in the open
Confused and lost
Worried and saddened
This is why I write
When I don't know what else to do
Your happiness fleeing your body
Leaving this anger
For what reason I do not know
This is why I write
To let you know
When you won't listen
Its not just random occurance
On why I do it
This is why I write
Apr 2018 · 185
Talon Robinson Apr 2018
This feels weird
With each passing day
It feels like
You forget more of me
While I
I learn more about you
As I attempt to learn everything
It feels like you ignore my quirks
I know what sets you off
What to talk about
Your mood and phases
But when it comes to me
It feels like
Like you're always walking in blind
Show me otherwise
Don't drag me along
Break me now
Instead of believing in false love
Oct 2017 · 246
Talon Robinson Oct 2017
Why does my body do this
Tell me he's uninterested
I mean we're still together
But it feels like we might not be
The love is dying
The flame is burning out
Then it'll kick up again
Shoving my negative feelings back into the depths
But more often then not
It's this feeling
The worry
The hysterical beating of my heart
The annoying voices in my head
I want that burst to happen
The fire to rise up 10 feet
Because right now
It feels about 10 inches
Oct 2017 · 242
Talon Robinson Oct 2017
My mind is insane
Crazy within its own self
I know it's not true
It makes me feel like a burden
I should downgrade myself
Make myself into less
Delegate myself to support
Support him
My heart destroys me
Aches when I feel this way
I feel like crying
I feel dead
I feel done
Oct 2017 · 257
Worst fear exposed
Talon Robinson Oct 2017
Who does he think he is
Exposing my fear
A fear I didn't know I had
To be alone
Yet deeply in love
I hate how talking to you
Brought it out
Being with you
Leaks out the fear
I don't want to lose you
You tell me I won't
I believe you
Because I love you
I really love you
Don't let my fear come true
Living without you
And still in love with you
Oct 2017 · 289
Betrayal from within
Talon Robinson Oct 2017
Our minds
For some people
They hardly dive into it
For others
It drives them insane
Creating illusions
Nightmares of possibility
Real life being twisted
What if's being created
Making thoughts of sorrow
And for why
What does the mind get from this
Joy, happiness, enjoyment
Sometimes I hate my mind
What it makes me think
But I  just have to
Live and adapt
Just become bigger than my mind
Sep 2016 · 346
Loss of all trust
Talon Robinson Sep 2016
There was no way
No way to know
Weather or not you'd be different
If you'd be smart
Actually know what you're doing
Turns out I was wrong
You are just as clueless
Just as stupid
I'm left thinking once again
I could easily do your job
You have experience of 13 years
I've only been here for a little over a year
Yet I fear for your future
A mindless zombie
A dog looking for acceptance
It sickens me greatly
But I don't say much
I just sit back
Watch the day go by
As the manager looks like a headless chicken
Sep 2016 · 602
Why bother?
Talon Robinson Sep 2016
Why bother
   If there's no reason to continue
Why bother
   When everything isn't as it seems
Why bother
   If she has already said no
Why bother
   When nothing has gone your way
Why bother
   If no matter what this is how it is
Why bother
   When everything crumbles
Why bother
   If you follow your heart
Why bother
   When you can't help it
Why bother
   If you fall in love
Why bother
   When it's already been done
Why bother
   With these thoughts
   They were always in my head
I bothered
   Myself because they felt right
Aug 2016 · 235
A welcome back
Talon Robinson Aug 2016
This is my return to this website
After a long hiatus
A poem a week
My goal for all
Requests can be made
And they will be met
To everyone who loves poetry
All poets love you back

It feels great to be back
Talon Robinson Aug 2015
As soon as I saw you I saw the lightning aura around you
The neon letting you flow from within
Properties of gadolinium are an excuse
A magnetic principle is what I say
Amazed at the oxygen that flows from your being
Yet shocked at the purity of life you support around you
Your smile like rubidium
Turning the light around you into energy
This helps fuel my inner battery
Which is possibly lined with lead
I'm able to feel the strong calcium within your body
Which is large enough to create multiple bones and beautiful shells
So perfect that you can go with anything gold
Which is why any jewelry is lucky to be yours
But your reach of perfection is further
As you go with any tellurium
Any coloring that's seen within a stained glass window
Just on you will make you look angelic
But to me your beauty is nothing but bromine
Nothing but *poisonous
Going back to the type of poet I truly am. A love poem that utlilizes elements and their uses in the real world.
Aug 2015 · 484
Questions (5 W's & 1 H)
Talon Robinson Aug 2015
Who cares what is asked
  In the duration of a conversation
What develops mentally
  Yet sticks within one's memory
When will these truly be answered
  While everyone moves along with life
Why state inner thoughts
  If once exposed they dissappear
How does one ask and recieve
  Without forgetting what was asked
Aug 2015 · 377
Back again
Talon Robinson Aug 2015
After a long silence
I am back
Was I missed
I feel like I was not
So little to tell
Not that I can feel a care
I should keep a voice
Just to your annoyance
Or disappear again
Maybe you all aren't ready for Azure
Or maybe my influence hasn't quite captured you
In due time I told myself
I should fade back to darkness
But I won't
For now my presence shall be known
Shall be felt
Everyone will speak of
The Poet Azure
A rebirth of my poetry
May 2015 · 244
The Way I Want To
Talon Robinson May 2015
I can't talk to you the way i want to
Because I don't want to be seen in a bad image

I can't look at you the way I want to
Because I would hate for my mind to wander

I can't touch you the way I want to
Because I would be ashamed of myself

In time I will be able to
Because by then we will be married

But as of right now I want to only stay
The Way I Want To
Mar 2015 · 503
Religious lives
Talon Robinson Mar 2015
When it comes to religion
Why do we have to proclaim it
Being the only other around one type
Very uncomfortable
I'm not as open as others
If I was I would be an outcast
Thrown by these beliefs
Yet I live
Within myself
For all the religion in the world
We just seek the one that helps us cope
With the troubles of this life
With a promise of better one
So I keep my religion
And outcast all others who possibly
Outcast me
Dec 2014 · 409
That moment
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
We all have had that moment
Time stands still
You staring at someone
Your body heats up
You feel your blood boil
Not from heat
But from love

We all have had that moment
We don't remember what we did
Our hearts take over our bodies
Artists hands throw paint
Poets create poems
And we have a creation

We all have had that moment
When we think
Yet do not know
But we wish to know
So we try to find it
And when we do we are lost

We all have had that moment
We follow our instincts
Try to show off
Get their hearts to go wild as well

We all have ad that moment
Wen we think we found the the one
Then we know they are he one
And we thank our instincts
For they brought us our perfect matches
And they thank theirs
For the same reason
Dec 2014 · 405
Open your eyes
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
Allow me to open your eyes
By opening you up
Do things your way
Then you can see
It forms your own way
Like if you taste with your hands
Just think how ever it feels that's how it tastes
Allow your mind to take over
Talk to yourself about what you want
Let's see how open you get
And how the world looks to you
Dec 2014 · 531
The Voice of Love IV
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
Always taught love took you though carnage
Deep inside he is filled with damage
Now he knows love is cruel
The light that could have been lived
Is now dead deep inside itself killed
But the feeling will be back
And attack him like a heart attack
Until that day
He must be prepared any way possible
Dec 2014 · 410
The Voice of Love III
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
A safe house is what he tries to find
Because in his eyes love is not kind
The light that radiates from in his chest
Looking around this glow of his exceeds the rest
People have told him that love is just a game
Waiting to be played so it calls your name
He turns his head away from the feeling
At this time his heart needs feeling
Dec 2014 · 365
The Voice of Love II
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
People always told him that love is life
Now he sees that love can cut him like a knife
From his past he can stop and see
That love isn't all what it cuts out to be
It tells him to tell her
At the same time trying to deter
He walks toward her then takes a detour
Still attracted like positive to a negative core
From behind his conscience eggs him on
Now deep inside is his influence song
Dec 2014 · 362
The Voice of Love I
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
Love is located at the center of your heart
Beating hard and fast to be hit by a dart
It spreads its blood faster to the body
It explains why his cheeks turn rosy
The nervousness spreads around deep inside
He hears the voices of love which is why he runs and hide
Love tells him not to be scared
Over time his love gets demolished and fared
Dec 2014 · 449
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
A thousand faces swirled around me
Clamoring that my life be burned
Unable to make out the faces
Covered by the same veil found in the store
I hope that these men see my face
The horror that glows from my eyes
As if I died staring at the moon
Right now I hold the very oak
In which I locked eyes with her for the very first time
Memories of that first time rush through my mind
As the rope tightens around my neck, arms, and legs
Then I smell the fire from under me
I feel the heat on my soles
My feet start to sweat
The men throw their hats
They finally win
Like the town they pulled me from
I m also to go out as smoke and ash
The men laugh
They talk about a new world
One in which they rule
Was it about politics
Or as it about race
It doesn't matter now
My body now black from the flames
And me with no legacy to live on
This is a poem in the point of view of someone about to be burned during an age of oppression.
Dec 2014 · 4.1k
Mystery of love
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
Many things yet to be discovered
But for now it stay hidden
Like the love a boy has for a girl
Few people know
Deep inside the mysteries lay
Waiting to be awakened
Rustling about creating volcanic eruptions
Or stirring up oceans causing hurricanes
Keeping still and out of sight
Many more years that might go by
And they wait
Robots, Cyborgs, Cross species
The future explodes with wonders
But for now we focus on the present
It will soon be the past
Soon forgotten
In the drift of modern mysteries
Like the boys' heart never at rest
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
South Dakota Beauty
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
Out in the middle of nowhere
Or that's what people will say
What they don't see
Is what stays unknown
The beauty that only those who seek it
It's nothing but high winds farms and livestock
But to those who live here it's more
To look out your window and see the sun
In the summer to look out and watch the birds fly
To walk down the street and say “Hi” to everyone
Drive and see water as blue as the sky
Watching a rodeo when it comes through
That is the beauty outsiders seek
That is the beauty that can be seen
Of course there are no Atlanta, no San Francisco, no New York
Only Mobridge, Selby, Glennon, Java
Peaceful places in which to live
This is the western plains cities
In northern South Dakota
Dec 2014 · 677
A day
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
If there was once a day
A day unlike all others
One that is captivating
Yet mysterious
But you could say living is this way
Mysterious on a daily aspect
Captivating you on he events
So I guess my type of day happens when I live
So I shall continue
To live within my perfect day
Such a day
What a day
Dec 2014 · 682
Poetry Family
Talon Robinson Dec 2014
These are my people
This is my family
We sit around write words on paper
Speak fluent emotion
We automatically know one another
Despite just meeting each other
Paper binds us mentally
Vocally our words flow together
Like two rivers meeting at a bend
We are strange in the eyes of outsiders
But genius to each other
Our words moving one another
Shifting our views
Our voices chasing actions
We are a group of wonderful individuals
We are poets
And these are my people
This is my family

— The End —