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I don't deserve you
I don't see how I would
There's many things you do
That I couldn't begin to repay
The smile you force upon me
I couldn't give you one half as big
The full feeling you give me
I'd only be a false half
The way you supercharge my heart
Yours probably slows down
I want to be in your embrace
You probably withdraw from the thought
Your laugh giving me such joy
Mine scratching your ears
I want to hold your hands
Your hands get uncomfortable at the idea
Thinking of us together a dream
You think of it as a nightmare
You make me feel less than a failure
I'm just another person
I love seeing your texts
You probably could care less
You make everything feel amazing
I'm probably a sour taste to you
I don't deserve a relationship with you
You're to good for me
Be careful where you look,
For you might peer,
Into the Eyes.
The window to the soul.
The eyes that draw you in,
Might be the same that end you.
Look away
Don't be fooled
Trouble is what follows
For my eyes,
(Yes my eyes).
Sweet enough to
Make your mouth water.
A taste so enticing
Wanting more
Yet, wondering
What a taste is actually like.
From my eyes,
To yours.
What do you see?
Do you see
My eyes,
Mesmerizing you?
Captivating your soul?
Entwining it to mine?
Together maybe for a while,
Maybe for life,
Who knows?
Just beware,
My eyes!
I feel like
To late
To say what I feel
To late
To act upon it
To late
To finally say anything
To late
To be happy
To late
To realize what they have
To late
To complete me
To late
Look forward to the future
To late
With you
To late
Maybe to move on
To late
Moved into my head
To late
So what should I do
To late
I'm sorry
To late
I feel like I'm in love
To late
So I truly believe that it's
To late
Look away
Tell yourself what you want
That it isn't what you think
The lies we tell
To make yourself feel better
To turn yourself away
If there's anything you think
The lies we tell
If there's a will
You will find a way
Or so
The lies we tell
What is the last thought
Before you are true
To yourself
Or is that just
The lies we tell
Do you truly know
How it really feels
To look at you everyday
Knowing what I know
Looking ahead
What is the end goal
That you seek
I denied for to long
Pushed it down
Wanted to look away
To not hurt myself
Yet I need to
Hurt myself from the inside
Since you won't
I have to
So here I am
Wondering about you
Resisting myself
Telling myself not to do it
Do not text her
Make her miss you
But probably not
Then now
So you sit here
Tell me
You don't know
Yet I feel indifferent
As if you do know
You don't want to lead me
But you remain
Trapped in my head
Forcing my smile
I want to try
Take a step
Into a new world
As long as you're in it
Friendly or more
I just want to try it
With you
In fact
Do I leave your head
What about the first kiss
Or the next
The last?
What am I doing
The one thing I hate
Exposing myself to you
Yet again
In fear that I lose you completely
My mind tells me to let go
But I'm scared
If only you knew.
How would you react
How am I suppose to react
When I want to just look away
Yet everything is a mirror
Showing me some part of you
Like a nightmare
I don't want to forget
A dream that's enticing
Yet unreachable
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