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Talis Ren Mar 22
you grew like a sunflower
grew on me like a ****
in salted crags
twisted, dying
dying and yet
alive and still facing
the light

you are a string tuned too sharp
a witty infection turned
an open wound
like fingers cut
fingers burned
trial by fire

you made life out of glass
and cut it down
fertilized the ground
with sand and mirrors
and broken sights
but still
i’d bleed for you

what do you make
of that?
Talis Ren Mar 21
your name is the way
you hold yourself
scrawled on the sleeve
where your heart should be

your name is the deluge
spilling over paper cups
on old bus stops and
puddled streets

your name is the writer’s block
that keeps me up
when the late hours
reach the folds

and when i tell the story
of my first adventure
i will start with your name
Talis Ren Mar 18
mother used to say
it’s the honest and
steadfast ones
you need to look out for

too late,
i’ve realized why

one day
you will find yourself
tangled in sugar vines
and you will choose
not to let go
Talis Ren Mar 15
lay with me -
watch the stars and
let yourself just breathe.
we can ease
onto planet rings in

let’s give a little less -
starve ourselves
of dark matter and dust.
we can always look upwards
over worlds and past
scattered star stuff.

dream away -
fly to places drowned
in diamond rain.
run astray
to the places
tranquil rarely stays.

it’s the heart of all
the big thoughts that
i just can’t seem
to touch.
the crux of it
spinning in the

when we go too far
and start again from the top,
will curiosity die
when our eyes go dark?
when our hearts stop
and the world turns to ash
will we still be looking up?
Love you, Oppy.
Talis Ren Mar 13
Of all the things I’ve written,
I could never look straight
at the scores of drafts
that lay like stiff corpses.

A secret in trio with
two lying dead -
I fancied myself a
mystery novel and
found the shelves filled
with blood.

Someone left the
wine uncorked again.
what a shame
that it was drained.

And then library
turned to morgue.
Talis Ren Mar 11
short-lived joy
runs deep.

what we have
is a fleeting comet
to infinity.

kairosclerosis -
the moment when you realize
you are happy
Talis Ren Mar 10
you make me wonder
if i was ever alive
before you wormed your way
past my ribcage

you make me glad
my ribs are cages
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