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Jul 2017 · 317
takitak Jul 2017
...and now, it has taken hold
May 2017 · 1.1k
Her Words
takitak May 2017
Her words that caught
A passing eye
Words that lulled
A dozing heart

A little light, her words
They sparked
Etched on the soul,
They leave a mark
Dedicated to Ms Lang Leav :)
Jan 2017 · 875
Dear Future Husband #3
takitak Jan 2017
I'm one,
heartbreak closer...
Jan 2017 · 460
the Hole
takitak Jan 2017
She fell
over and
over and

But no one
was there
to catch
Jan 2017 · 4.5k
that Friend
takitak Jan 2017
I hear your stories,
but did you hear mine?
Jan 2017 · 564
In Limbo
takitak Jan 2017
what she felt wasn't enough,
to say that she loved him so

but she felt it was quite enough,
quite enough to hurt her so

*between her pain and joy,
in that space, she could
only find sorrow
Dec 2016 · 469
epiphany #16
takitak Dec 2016
a little appreciation goes a long way
Dec 2016 · 358
takitak Dec 2016
Once was enough
but two is too many

not you too...
please, not you too..
Dec 2016 · 754
the search...
takitak Dec 2016
She once found love there,
and now she must find it elsewhere
Dec 2016 · 386
takitak Dec 2016
I don't know how to be alone anymore
since you went ahead and gone...

I guess I just
miss you...
Dec 2016 · 831
epiphany #15
takitak Dec 2016
I'd rather feel alone by myself,
than still feel alone with someone else
Nov 2016 · 509
Spare Me
takitak Nov 2016
And he could only look up and wished.
Wished that somebody would look closer,
spared a glance, and notice that he was not okay.
Nov 2016 · 673
Dear Future Husband #2
takitak Nov 2016
We were never lost,
we just had different maps
Aug 2016 · 652
epiphany #14
takitak Aug 2016
I don't want to be famous,
I just want to be appreciated.
Aug 2016 · 2.1k
Dear Future Husband #1
takitak Aug 2016
The day I started loving you,
was the day I started loving me.
I've always wanted to create a series of letters, poems, or notes to my future husband. Call me a romantic but when I get married, I plan to let him read these :)
Jul 2016 · 445
epiphany #13
takitak Jul 2016
Broken pieces attract
More particularly, I feel broken people attract one another. There's something about a shared bond on suffering that both experienced separately. How amazing it is for people to empathize with a stranger's pain.
Jul 2016 · 522
takitak Jul 2016
She hasn't even found
someone yet
and he's already jealous
just thinking about it

He already lost her,
when she wasn't
even his
to begin with
what right do you have to get jealous?
Jul 2016 · 474
kadramahan #5
takitak Jul 2016
I wish I could say that I love you,
but I'll just end up hurting you more
found this while looking through my notes
Jul 2016 · 291
At the cost of...
takitak Jul 2016
everything was lost,
the war has been fought
it's over, it's done
but no prize was won
Jun 2016 · 3.0k
Sand Castles
takitak Jun 2016
Like the sands on the beach,
we play with it, we make with it
into sand castles and moats

As we mold each grain into place,
we think no more of it, and let the sand
slip through our fingers

Now the castle stands on
the most crumbly of bricks
Standing tall in its glory,
but at the mercy of the waves

the sands may be timeless
...but our time is not countless
May 2016 · 911
epiphany #12
takitak May 2016
Mahirap magmahal,
sa taong di ka mahal

Pero mas mahirap magmahal,
sa taong di mo mahal
Musings on: "Mahal ka o mahal mo?"
May 2016 · 1.3k
Borrowed Time
takitak May 2016
I don't want to borrow
I don't want any debt

I want to spend my time with you
My debt, please don't collect
Apr 2016 · 315
Not my Time
takitak Apr 2016
I lie here and wait,
impatient, still I stay
as time goes and sets its sails,
another day delayed

Time could not be kept at bay,
still me it does not take,
with one hand, I can only wave,
as I hold a steady gaze

Time again departs,
and my heart is falling apart,
still I pray, and wait for what’s mine,
I wait for my own right time
Inspired by Lang Leav's poem, "Time"
Apr 2016 · 285
epiphany #11
takitak Apr 2016
It's funny how love can make us so greedy
Apr 2016 · 1.8k
epiphany #10
takitak Apr 2016
Life is a marathon,
and so is Love
Apr 2016 · 573
Period of Grief
takitak Apr 2016
I mourn the death
that was never alive

I grieve its first breath
it never took

I lament the days
never spent

Bereaved is someone
that was never loved
how can we miss something we never knew?
Apr 2016 · 716
Love is...
takitak Apr 2016
I hold onto it
because I want to believe
that what I felt was real

otherwise.. the pain and tears
were they all for naught?

If I love that is not yet whole,
how terrifying it must be if I loved wholly?

It would be the most exquisite of pleasures,
but also, the most excruciating of pain

Love is a double edged sword
Apr 2016 · 633
What is it?
takitak Apr 2016
It's white, light,
soft, and fluffy
yet cold and damp

what is it?

A cloud?

No, it's my *pillow
there are days like this
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
My Keeper
takitak Apr 2016
I gave you the key,
you were my keeper

I trusted you my heart,
yet you went ahead
and lost it

Now, it's still locked
my own heart I can't open

till someone finds the key
for now, I won't know
how to love
Mar 2016 · 353
takitak Mar 2016
a thought that keeps,
you are my daydream

a thought that calms,
you are my lullaby

you are that thought,
my mind stays awake

you are the thought,
why my heart is at stake
Mar 2016 · 256
Have I ever?
takitak Mar 2016
It seems
I easily fall,
I guess I haven't
loved at all
Mar 2016 · 838
takitak Mar 2016
I miss affording boredom
Mar 2016 · 423
Half the Story
takitak Mar 2016
No, you've never been in a
relationship, so you wouldn't

I've never been yes, but I've had my
heart broken before
From disappointed love, unrequited,
and from almosts

I may not know the *whole
story, but
the very least, I know half of it
dedicated to "us"
"there was never an us"
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
late night
takitak Feb 2016
mind active,
thoughts racing
the mind working out

sleep is for the weak
late night thoughts
Feb 2016 · 1.7k
epiphany #9
takitak Feb 2016
Always be grateful for what you have
Don't focus on what you don't
Whether it be fame, money,
or another person's love...
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
epiphany #8
takitak Jan 2016
Don't assume. Don't expect.
Don't demand.
we can't read minds
Jan 2016 · 1.9k
epiphany #7
takitak Jan 2016
Not all hugs are warm
Jan 2016 · 3.4k
Cold Nights
takitak Jan 2016
ice gathered nights before
frozen through the slumber
forgotten as the nights go numb
couldn't wait for summer
Jan 2016 · 226
takitak Jan 2016
clouds near sun ray's arms
welcome and inviting
melting in its warm embrace
cold evaporating
Inspired from a sea of clouds at daybreak
Dec 2015 · 281
I Just Can't
takitak Dec 2015
I'm selfish
I'm immature
I have no excuse

You're right,
as always

But I can never
bring myself
To listen,
to *YOU
Dec 2015 · 793
Half a Heartbeat
takitak Dec 2015
I never thought
I'd cry so many times
From a single heartbeat
That's no longer mine

We were just one heart
Now severed into two
My half just lays and bleeds
How could your heart beat
without me?
Accidentally posted as public orz
Dec 2015 · 665
Since when?
takitak Dec 2015
No matter how much,
   I guard my heart
   you already own it —
without you even knowing
And they're like: "I don't remember giving permission!"
Dec 2015 · 507
takitak Dec 2015
Simple, Curious
Playing, Jumping, Growing
Honesty at its Purest
Day 8- Write a cinquain on a topic of your choice.

my first cinquain!
Dec 2015 · 300
epiphany #6
takitak Dec 2015

every heart is different,
every love is different

Dec 2015 · 687
Grow Where You're Planted
takitak Dec 2015
Planted here,
     you grow amidst,
     this urban landscape
     you're forced to exist

Oh how sad I am for you,
     sad that you'll never know
     the world outside,
     this bustling, busy metro

Because you're planted here,
     you're forced to inhale
     the toxic fumes and worse—
     someone even pees on you!

And yet, you're still here
     doing nothing but growing
     in an island between two roads
     growing strong in your humble abode
Day 7- Take a walk until you find a tree you identify with, then write a poem using the tree as a metaphor for yourself or your life.

Dec 2015 · 719
Let Life
takitak Dec 2015
Nothing ventured,
        nothing gained           
        fear preceded,             
        fear prevailed              

Failure prevented,
        failure evaded
        life unmoving,
        life not worth living
Day 6- Write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status.

Facebook Status: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"

Dec 2015 · 565
Eyes to Sting!
takitak Dec 2015
When you squeeze too hard
and add me to your drink, be warned
for your eyes, will more than blink!
My eyes! They buuuuurn!

Day 5- Write a three line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, ****, juicy, peel, and sour.

Dec 2015 · 740
takitak Dec 2015
how it must have felt
I can only imagine...

   It hurts to not know
My first ever haiku!

Day 4- Write a haiku. They’re often about nature, but yours can be about anything.

Dec 2015 · 907
Convicted As Much
takitak Dec 2015
Young women, don't get **annoyed
by young men like Josh or Lloyd

You claim that you were led astray
here now, this is what I say!

When you first exchanged a kiss
you consented, he touch your lips

When each article was undone
his touch, you did not condone

Stumbling into this situation
remember, you made this decision!

Don't claim that you're vindicated
when in as much, you're also convicted!
~Don't do the crime if you can't do the time~

Day 3- Find the nearest book (of any kind). Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the poem.

The Book: "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Joshua Harris

The Words: Decision, Kiss, Stumble, Article, Annoyed, Young, Women, Led, Astray, and Josh

Dec 2015 · 2.2k
Stubborn Splinter
takitak Dec 2015
He loved till his heart burst!
and all that remained—was a stubborn splinter

Planted too deep, it left him no choice
he endures the hurt,
as it reminds him of *her
Concept borrowed from As Told By ******'s, "Splinter In my Heart" :)

Day 2- Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.
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