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takitak Apr 2022's not your fault,

   ...i expected too much
      ...i asked too much
takitak Apr 2022
how did I end up back here?
takitak Apr 2022
I don't know which hurts more,
not seeing you...
or seeing you...
takitak Mar 2022
I'm single,
but I'm not alone
I'm single,
but I'm not lonely

he asks,
why I don't choose love?
And I answer,
it has always been love

If I choose me,
I chose love

If I chose you,
I still chose love
dumping these old poems from my phone
takitak Mar 2022
because I know
myself too much

that I won't
be able to
take care of you

but then,
should I send you away?

to someone,
I know who can?
another old poem in my phone. written Oct 12, 2017 10:57 PM
takitak Mar 2022
We used to talk everyday,
And now you talk to
someone else...

We used to go on
adventures together

But i guess, our  
adventure stops
missing a friend
*found this in my drafts. was originally written jun 2017. still relevant...
takitak Mar 2022
kung talagang,
mahal mo ako

mahalin mo din,
ung minamahal ko

mahalin mo din kasi,
ung sarili mo
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