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GraciexJones May 17
A reflection of my human flesh,
I trace a mixture of scars and wrinkles,
I see crinkles around my eyes as I smile,
Each mark follows a story,
Of spontaneous ****** piercings and tattoo’s
Garnishing my body,
Covering the blues of desperation and release
From times of birth control,
Inserting pills and implants,
Hormones spilling from my insides,
Shaking my hairy legs and ****,
Dancing in the bathroom,
As I noticed the shape of my hips,
Thighs are squelched together,
My hairy toes wiggling underneath the furry rug
I tug at my skin as it itches again
My hair is dangling all wired and dry,
My perspective of my body -changes all over again,
Like the weight of my belly hanging over the sink,
As I brush my teeth between the crooked gaps,
When I pluck the hair flaring from my brow,
Each zit popped with enthusiasm,
Each mark has a reason

— The End —