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Sydney Feb 2019
Sometimes peaceful
Sometimes loud
Sometimes sad
Sometimes good
Lonely is different
Lonely is bad
And scary
Can’t see, can’t hear, can’t breathe,
Loneliness suffocates
Halle Oct 2018
Life is stressful
But it’s okay
I’m getting by

Some days are rough
But it’s okay
I still see the light

People come and go
But it’s okay
I have people that love me

I’m tired a lot
But it’s okay
I’ll get my rest one day
This past week has been a lot but I’m standing
lovelywildflower Sep 2018
I used to tear open my skin to release the pain inside
The addictive, luring touch of tools used to split open wrists
It was the only thing that felt right to do in times of despair
Loneliness and despondency clung to me like gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe
The only thing I could ever focus on was dragging a sharp object across my thin arms
That was me

Two years back on one April night I found a new shiny object
Tore it across my skin to numb a pain I can't quite remember now
Of course I did not realize that new objects have sharper touches
I went too deep...
I panicked like I was being pushed off a building, a fight to stay alive
Isn't it crazy how you think you want to die and the moment the possibility of death is in front of you, you battle to live?
I ran halfway up the stairs and stopped, too afraid to admit what I had done to myself to someone that would help
So I took matters into my own hands
Cleaned and treated the wound like I was a surgeon
Bandaged and kept that part of me free from any harm
The fact that it probably needed stitches scared me
I've never cried harder that memorable night
I will never forgive myself

Two years later down the road
I love myself and I feel like a ray of sunshine all the time
Light radiates from me whenever I can do it
I've never been so on the positive side of things
And I did, I did forgive myself
Two years later and the scar has still not faded to a white line
I hated it. I hated looking at it continuously day after day
I was ashamed
I tried to love that part of me but I couldn't
It was so hard

And in between getting better and holding on to the past
I experienced heartbreak for the first time
I swore he was the one
And he broke me into pieces like I was nothing
I hated everything
Why didn't anyone want me or love me?
No one showed up to save me
So I started to love myself instead

Today, September 20, 2018, I realized my worth
Today I looked down at the reminder of hard times
Today it has almost completely faded
Sometimes you don't even realize the moment you heal
But you do
I promise you that you will heal
Rhianna Thorn Jan 2015
your body is your home
decorate it as you wish
to fit you and who you are

i know there is things on your home
you dont want me to see
you wear long sleeves in summer
and wear long shorts at the beach

but each time your jumper slips
or your skirt flips up
and your marks are for all to see

just remember that despite every effort
that you make to hide your home
to hurt your home and to
make your home not the prettiest

i will think of it as a mansion
i think of you as a burning star
in the darkest of nights

i see every scar and each time i do
i whisper i love you and to please


— The End —