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Jasmin A Nov 2017
Back to the others.
       The sun gives louder compliments.

    We cherish those with words so wrecked.

                        May we move.
Be free.
  Continue to disappoint mother nature with our

Don't judge young me, okay?
Gloria Burns Aug 2016
I don't know what it's like
I don't know how you feel
But I want you to know
I'll always be here

I care too much
To feel ok
With the look in your eyes
Bringing down my day

Listen to me:
You are important
You are too precious to lose
You are worth too much
To end your life so soon

I'll do what it takes
To help you out
I'll skip school for you
Without a doubt

Even though we aren't  as close
As I'd like us to be
You still mean everything in the galaxy
To me

Listen to me:
You are needed
You are special
You can't end your life
Because you are essential

I'll bake you brownies
Or even buy you ****
I'll do whatever it takes
Whatever you need

You can talk to me
I'll listen any time
I'll listen all night
Just to make sure you're fine

Listen to me:
You have all your friends
All your family too
Remember we'll sob forever
If we lose you

You'll be forgiven
Of course you will
But we'll never forgive ourselves
For not being there

Everything will change
If you say your final goodbye
Our lives won't be ok
We'll cry and we'll cry

Once more just listen to me:
Don't **** yourself
You are not alone
We all want you here
Don't make us burry you under stone.
My friend is suicidal, and I'm doing everything I can to help him through it.  I'm so worried for him.  I won't be Abel to live without him.  If you are thinking about killing yourself remember how important you are to others. Your friends and family eill never be able to live with themselves if you follow through.
Lisa Batchelor Oct 2015
The only thing I really need in life, is you.
Just a quick little night thought.

— The End —