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Zack Ripley Aug 2021
The rain went away
So the rainbow could tell you
You will be okay
Rhianna Thorn Jan 2015
your body is your home
decorate it as you wish
to fit you and who you are

i know there is things on your home
you dont want me to see
you wear long sleeves in summer
and wear long shorts at the beach

but each time your jumper slips
or your skirt flips up
and your marks are for all to see

just remember that despite every effort
that you make to hide your home
to hurt your home and to
make your home not the prettiest

i will think of it as a mansion
i think of you as a burning star
in the darkest of nights

i see every scar and each time i do
i whisper i love you and to please

brianna Dec 2014
Sometimes I stand in the shower when I'm sad,
and I think, and maybe I hope,
that the hot scalding water will wash away more than just the days dirt from my body
maybe, just maybe, it can wash away the sadness
or the feelings of unwant,
or maybe even more,
the feelings of nothing at all
so there I stand,
and there I wait

— The End —