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Shannon Apr 2015
i watch his magic trick
in the morning by the sink
with the crunch of the blade
he goes from monster to man...
with the sleek silver rake
he goes from mine only
to the all the worlds.
and i am jealous of the world
my eyes watch him
as he clears the charming stubble
and tames the wild curls.
and i peek at his belly,
soft and pale
with sprouts of hair
like a man jungle.
and i watch him
with the cottoniest of cottons
ironed and pressed
shirt like a gift wrapped tight-
edges and clean lines.
i close my eyes and inhale
because next i will smell his smell.
and keep them closed
for him to lean over
and kiss me goodbye.
i don't want to hear the door close
but it does.
and i watch the hands as they
and i watch that **** door that let
him go
become the door that brings him back home.

Thank you as always for being such a wonderfully supportive group of amazingly talented artists that take the time to share in my work.

— The End —