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Tommy Randell Sep 2017
My day just got made
With a parcel from China
And as Aqua Shoes go
They couldn't be finer

But there's one thing
That's really unclear
The amazing low cost
Of getting them here

That's 10,000 Km
As the Crow flies
But I've no idea
How many road miles

From Factory to hand
From Machine to Stock
All according to plan
Right to my letterbox

Just so I can swim
On a Volcanic beach
In the Canary Islands
On holiday next week

We should worry maybe
About some of this
But the Aquas are cool
AND they fit!
An ironic poem ( I hope you see ) about on-line shopping amongst other issues. The poem's true - I just liked them and bought them without even thinking where thay might be coming from. And Yes, they were posted direct from Fujian Sheng for 4 GBP ( 5.30 USD ) and arrived within 5days ... which made we wonder a little ...
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Reality Rap

Got another flight to catch again,
I don’t want to go,
not ready to touch down,
not ready at all,

a cracka with an attitude,
apple sauce from Adam,
Deviled eggs eaten outta the Hand of God,
and Angel food cake served by Satan,

cake cake cake debate is hardly worth a retort,
the frosting is awesome I’ll even take it on the tort,
or **** Peter Park no Spiderman,
bitten by a scorpion on my right hand,

and these aren’t just rhymes,
they’re Reality Rap,
and if you like this,
well you’re gonna love that,


no Ratpack just some facts that,
wrap their words around tangible things that seem abstract.

It’s all math,
it adds up if you can add,

exactly to the 1’s with the 0’s,
like the Matrix I don’t wait take the best first,
I’m paranoid of all my hero’s,
while these villainous nerd birds peck at my net worth,

these villains are tools for the Machine that’s cursed,
these are all facts real rhymes freestyled never rehearsed,

they’re actual reality translated into the written word rhythmically,
I’m hearing voices in my head and their songs are sung so beautifully,

I love all of those ghost with moments of present nostalgia,
this is poetry we are poetry I couldn’t’ve done it with out ya,

I love you I love you,
I know you’ve heard it before,
no love is too much,
once that love is no more,

got another flight to catch,
and I’d really love to stay and explore,
all of our everything’s together for sure,
but away in this world on another world tour,

and on that note I gotta go,

got another flight to catch again,
I don’t want to go,
not ready to touch down,
not ready at all…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

Volume 1
The H Trilogy
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— The End —