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Moon Wright Mar 2018
Such a sad world we live in
Where having many followers
Is the only way to fit in

People you don't know
Following your post
As if they are friends
Giving you a toast

Strangers you'll never meet
Following you
As if they are true
To you
As a friend
Who will follow you to the end
To meet a death so sweet

Followers mean nothing
They are people behind a screen
Whom you will never see
Until you two shall meet
And will you know
One follower from another?
As you are but strangers
Possibly walking around each other

The only good thing
About having many followers
Is the simple fact
That you must be a leader
Whether a good or bad one
Is up to you
And your truth
Inspired by the problem of social media taking over the world
Nathan Oct 2016
Politics is a group of "respected" adults
Insulting each other

Like children in a park

And yet......

We let them run our countries
This isn't to do with the US Election as I was born in the UK and believe the political system is messed up everywhere.
Maddie Apr 2016
As the last few heartbeats ticked away
The world stopped turning
Everyone stood still
Skyscrapers turned purple
Purple waterfalls
Purple skies
Purple tears
Across the globe
People congregated dancing to the beats
Of a fallen warrior
And people hung their heads low
Filled with sorrow
Over the death of a legend
Younger generations exposed to the music
That shaped their parents
A whole world stopped
From the loss of a single man
All around the world
Everything stopped
When all around the world
People are being killed and tortured
When all around the world
Children are being left to die
When all around the world
People are dying on the streets
When all around the world
People are killing themselves
What will it take for the whole world to stop
Just because I died?

— The End —