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we'll never be privy to what
happens inside the secret bunker
but if we were we'd be well
interested about its hunker

there's a lot of stuff going on
that doesn't get any open air time
those who are involved in it
keep a tight lid on the covert crime

an investigative body needs
to be set up like rather fast
so that we can gain insight into
the workings of it at last

once the findings are out there
in the public sphere
we'll have knowledge of what
has been occurring beneath the weir
Colm Apr 2018
Walk through my life without me
And see
All that your eyes could partake of
And still
I wouldn't be scared for either of us
My voice speaks louder asteticly
And within resides my will
I lie to myself far too much. Expecting those who get to see the true me will want more of what I have to offer. But it is not so... We are selfish creatures. And I am spoiled beyond compare.
Colm Mar 2018
And you want to get lost in the recesses of your mind? There is only you there, what do you expect to find?
Hahahaha... Taken from a converted notebook.

— The End —