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Sonkei Ichimaru Oct 2014
Suppress your own will, so as not to shatter the unity of the group.
The wives job is to manage the family accounts within the limits of her husband's salary, to bring up healthy children and create an environment in which it is easy for her husband to get on with his work.
The society seeks not to find out what life is, but seeks to fulfill it.
Its citizens hearts are founded on loyalty to the workplace and to society.
Their philosophy is a man's work is his life. You simply do it...
Sorry for those looking for something 'more poetic'...
Frank Ruland Aug 2014

Two legs, arms, a brain and back
Use 'em and put your *** to use
Look alive and pick up the slack
Here you work or get the noose!

You want the almighty paycheck
But you don't wanna do the time
You're just a pain in my neck
And you're not worth my dime!

I get to run things for a reason
Six years I've worked this kitchen
If you choose to be a lazy heathen
See the wall with tallies written!

I need you like a hole in the head
Plenty of people who need a job
Sloths like yourself make me see red
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
Am I just a flaunting fancy
specified set of alphabets?

Now listen, sir!
My brain has owned you
a long while back
like say, a hundred times.
But ya, my mouth
is zipped for the
Terms and Conditions
I signed to intern here.
My heart is a masked
Superhero that goes
for the needy and
the helpless, while
yours just desires
to sit in the next
luxurious sedan out.
My body serves
for the nation;
no, not in war
but in the agony of being
a good citizen when things
(like you) are nomore right.
I manned up instead of you.
I can prove my worth
to the world w/o you.

Again, I shall repeat, sir!
Am I just a flaunting fancy
specified set of alphabets?
I am more than my name.
I am definitely, more human than you.

— The End —