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Mel Gadd Mar 2021
they say the things that finally break you,
are the words you left unsaid,
that fill your head with voices,
and make your heart feel dread.

but is it really better,
to let go of your words?
for others learn to hear your truth,
but you're never truly heard.
havenx Mar 2021
In here the sun shall not rise

The eternal night breathes

Of grief and rage

In this chaos there is no rest

No sleep no release

These thoughts are not mine

to control or resist

Yet these thoughts are mine

To possess and breathe in.

- havenx
Julia Nov 2019
Looking in the bathroom mirror
I talk to living ghosts
relics of today
that haunt my searching eyes
gazing back
a talking girl
with ears for words unheard
playing out
what could be said
if perfect
when called
if moments
when needed
if words
could travel
through time

water runs
hands dry
lights off
on another
lonely conversation
Pauline Morris Feb 2016
A beautiful torture, a delicate dance
If I want to even have a chance

Of how much affection to show, what to hold back
I don't know what you think, what feelings you lack
How much of what I think is real
Never knowing how you feel

Every now and then I look into your eyes
I see through the disguise
Other times your body language pushes me away
Keeping me at a distance, waiting in the gray

So I back off, not wanting to say things to soon
Not wanting what we have to lie in ruin
So I dance around the edges
Perouette around the wedges

Your passion shows me the way
For when we're alone, our hearts beat out the rhythm that our flesh moves to in the sway
I'm hoping that one day
Your lips speaks, to what your body already seems to say

Till then it's a beautiful torture, a delicate dance
Watching for the clues, if I even want a chance

— The End —