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Afiqah Sep 19
life is this crazy
of morphing, wistful colors
it simply just sets
your very soul introvertively
as life’s dealings slowly
maturate and stretches you on

Afiqah Jul 2018
in spite of it all,
if only something would tell
its very tale without having our
fractured sense of self cataloging it
into a very specific kind of hurt
but then,
what is life without meeting
the opposite of life’s pure decency,
we all need a fair share of it all
to fully become

Afiqah May 2018
do not linger and
litter your hopes around me this way
do not let me see forevers
with those deceitful eyes
misleading this very heart
if you’re only half here
and yet,
there you are,
being shifty, spitting sweet nothings
to the others, too

Afiqah Apr 2018
this is how raw such hearts
will get scratched
one’s psyche will fickly be at war
this way or other
as we try to undo our vulnerability
into words and such
and we’re almost
always a little halfway
walking that path
where our iron-****** sidekicks
are already at play

Afiqah Feb 2018
everyone wants an answer
in effect,
to simply escape out of something
but that’s not how life entirely works
you will have to learn to exercise
some walled-off truths in and outgrow
those earlier selves out of you
stop feeding off on dilemmatic questions
and believe that
you’ll finally come home
to your own voice

Afiqah Jan 2018
became a lot gentler
and nights were gloriously
cherished the most
and all at once,
the sound of our beating hearts
became my only favorite tune


— The End —