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Lucas Keith Feb 2016
Forgive me, Love
  I lied when I said my heart is with you.
The truth is closer
   Buried beneath walls of bone and flesh.
Ramparts resurrected
  Rebuilt faster than your fingers tore them down.
Curled up warmth
   The ice pressing in on the fetal attempts to ignore.
Here it remains
  Straining between breaking and apathy.
Fresh wounds
   The wolves smell the blood and weakness.

In love,
Out love,
   Oust love,
Shove the Queen
from her throne,
  topple her crown.

Forgive me, Fool
  I lied when I said my heart is with me.
The truth is further
   Exposed to the elements, the wind and cold.
Walls a shambles
  Crumbling quickly to ruin as the seeders break them down.
Lain out death
   Gone frozen and stiff to become   mummified ignorance.
Here I remain
  Lost between idiocy and intelligence.
Scarred wounds,
   The vultures pick away at meat and meekness.

In life,
Out life,
   Oust life,
Shove the King
from his coffin,
  topple his corpse.

— The End —