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Khoi May 2019
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
A Wonderer, and
A word–weaver,
Holding few experiences
Volume with substances
Crafting those threads
Self-defeating, self-preserving

All good old memories,
Rescued by an ink
Release ownself,
Enable to rip the darkness,
Image and its’ reflections
Eclipse of reality,
A dream within a dream
Wish to acknowledge
A travelling soul.
Genre: Abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Bunny Apr 2017
I love it when my
mind goes blank because for a
while Im somewhere else
I love three-liners
Awesome Annie Feb 2015
I could fill my hands with wishes.
Vials of fairy dust tucked deep in my pocket.
one day,
I might need it.
But that day I think may never come.

Prayers whispered on red stained lips,
but they drop sincerely,
with to much heart.
Silence says to much in ways I can't comprehend.

Wind says that it can take me to a place, where shadows can't haunt me.
Sorrow can't sit on my door step,
reminding me of things that want to consume to much of me.

Monsters grab me in the night.
Profanity and ****** don't mix well with whiskey.
My stomach is always twisted in knots of strangled butterflies.

I could be a runaway.
Just another face on a milk carton,
or those cluttered bulletin boards at Walmart.
I fade away so easily,
flowers in my hair and feet bare,
sunshine warming my face.

— The End —