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mlk Mar 2019
Oh wisdom tooth, now homeless,
you battled for your space,
and in the aftermath you left
my mouth a ****** place.

Near half my face was numb
and sullen I may have seemed,
but it's impossible to stay upset
on a diet of ice-cream.
poppy Sep 2018
I’m getting my wisdom teeth out
at the end of October
and they want to put me on ******
for the pain?
and that scares me more than the actual removal
because I read the side effects
and suicidal ideation and paranoia
is not something I need more of
just like teeth.
I’m so anxious about how I might react to it it terrifies me
Peeka Aug 2014
Wisdom teeth- you're out.
Sneaking four, about to commit a heist- no doubt!
Fuzzy and tingly- then darkness consumed the high.
Awoke, the sting of absence felt.
I've taken my drugs- cried and iced.
I caught ya. Wisdom teeth.
I will plead for sleep.
Gone now, but if I ever lose my molars?
How wicked would that be?
My wisdoms couldn't aid me!
I'll accept the philosophy of Candide.
For "all is for the best" arguably,
In "the best of all possibly worlds" supposedly.
Wisdom teeth out today! Finally feeling better. By the way, all should consider reading Candide. :)

— The End —