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K Balachandran Dec 2014
Wintry dark night in her elements appears
unleashes her harsh reign over the world submissive,
every spec of light awake is  frightened,
threatened to extinction by the minions of darkness
they decide to go underground and hibernate
waiting for their time to come, with bated breath

A long time after dusk falls, like a winter wonder
created by a wizard, in nature's command,
a pale white disk appears at the far end of the horizon
and slowly reveals her true color as the resplendent moon.

In a dark cavern he sits thinking about her,
a drop of buttery light spilled from moon's hold
falls right on his lap, rekindling his hope to reunite
his pulses race, he feels a sudden delight
the trees in tandem move, sing a song for her heart to rejoice.

Darkness, loses her grip, now in back foot quick
moon  unleashes her soft waves of influence
now he hears the song his heart sings, a forgotten tune
and then from a distance he hears it first----
a night bird's song for it long lost pair,
"It's her, it's her" his broken heart lets out a cry..

— The End —