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Paul NP Nov 2019
I'm calm in division.
Gentle in worries.
Kind in uniformity.
Loosening down my cloaks.

I'm wrong in forums.
Right in solar arms.
Hugging my own boredom.
With Truth and life for her armies.

I'm intrigued by depression.
Pulled into other's storms.
Without the emphasis of beloved.
Quelling Calls of Simple Feelings.
Don't be Afraid, I too have Fallen.

I'm sort of oratory.
As I speak, I whimper.
Courage dressed in empty sets of practiced int.
Tinted yet still painted and not panting lengthy essays.
I'm a winded sage.

Arching time, I am a tenement.
A pulley, pulling the soul through time.
To restore the operators of an equidistant root.
Roots, Lines, and Mesmerizing Lives.
Studying and dramatizing secret skies.
May the golden-handed, life-bestowing, well-guiding, exhilarating and affluent Savitri [Asura] be present;
for the deity, if worshipped in the evening, is at hand, driving away Rakshasas and Yatudhanas.
– Translated by HH Wilso
Yazad Tafti Aug 2019
hey gorgeous... you never give me a reason to look away
eyes a lustrous cardinal me somewhere to paradise
your hair dangles like a chandelier midway through your eye
hair a burst of dirt road that why we do so much ***** talk
your freckles are the guide to my treasure map
i dig with my lips
you mark the spot
you look good in anything...better in nothing
you wear your smile best and mine is your critical guarantee
your voice is my lullaby and morning alarm

paradise:                       we sit
                                  by the river
                     ­                    US
gorgeous has a name ;)

— The End —