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Jade C Sep 2019
I go looking for myself at the witching hour
Honey seeps from my eyes and ears
My fist spins a honey dipper to guide the substance into an old jam jar

Salt crystallizes on my tongue

I wander and discover my own bones
Protruding from cold sand
An earthly mantle—
Misshapen masterpiece

My shapes are boundless
The moon extends her hand to scoop me into a ceramic bowl
A raven garnishes it with a silky feather

A fire begins to smoke from the core of the moon
It growls and grumbles

A coyote lays down on the edge of a cliff and sniffles

I shriek and the burning eye of the night god consumes my call...
Only to spit it back at me

My bones find flesh and a heartbeat again.
Sonia Ettyang Feb 2019
She lives among the stars
Swirls around the sun
But in her daydreams
She's one with the elements
Free flowing as the wind  
Her spirit forever burns like wild fire
Her body like the ocean is forever in
dancing to the rhythm of her own drums
from one shore to another she moves
With flowers around her head
  Jewelry on her body
Music in her heart
Pen and notebook in her hand
And eyes set on the infinite sky
To wander and to wonder
Forever enchanted by the mysteries of the earth
©Sonia Ettyang
“To move freely you must be deeply rooted.”Bella Lewitzky
Stefania S Oct 2017
darkness the lover
your soul its
tiny frame, loosened
then bound
working remains
time plays tricks
metabolism for trade

little girl lost, little girl
get out of bed
the angry voices say
or **** it, pull the curtains
simply fade away

dust covered furniture
moats to cross through
each atom
a mere reminder of you

lonesome weather
miracle sights
winding roads
driving through the

let out those shouts
howl them at the
bare your softened soles
take a wander through

the mind a mere
palace, darkened place to play
pasts to escape
futures, delayed
present in the now
winding the tock
hang from the
second hand
your lover, the clock
Blossom Fox Sep 2016
I am a ******* storm.
Whipping and crashing and dancing and weeping,
Never bottled;
No matter how strong my hands are.
Spindly fingers attached to fiery arms tear at the skin of my chest,
To unleash it all.
The Pandora's box of sad teenage heartbreak and doubt-
A nostalgic stereotype that feels;
I feel this intense need to allow my ego to prove you wrong.
Have it rear its ugly horns,
Only to tell you that I am more than an idea of a girl that you'd maybe like to love one day if you ******* feel like it.
Only to inform you that my anger and preference in books does not want to hear your opinion of how daft and uneducated you think I might be but don't have the integrity to say it to my **** face.
Only to let you know that I hate that I agreed that we were bad timing but actually,
It was just you ******* me over and me saying,
Because I love you and can't stand you,
All I said was one mediocre,
Self deprecating,
So I could blame this storm on you,
And I want to,
God do I want to.
But I'm the one who let the storm calm and waver,
At someone else's beck and call.
Which also means,
I will be the one to allow the thunder,
Back into my life.

— The End —