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Bhill Mar 2020
do you remember the gramophone
funnel shaped speaker and its really bad tone
the memory came back on this mornings walk
not at all sure why, but I could sure hear it squawk
the high tone sound of that very large disc
you had to wind it up so, that disc would spin brisk

it was a joyful thought and set my mind at ease
now have a good day with old memories please..

Brian Hill - 2020 # 88
The seesawing sun of solipsy,
A satrapy of soliloquy,
Sol was once but now is she,
Sailed off into a darkened sea,
Sith some solitary soiree,
Goodbye my Sirius from Wi!

Oh solely solar solemn stigmata!
Sun’s sobriquet solitaire staccato!
And sonorous salute sonata!
Sing past swaddling clouds of terracotta!
A crucifying crescendo armada!
And endless stars in space of Satá!

Insatiable story of a Son’s redemption,
Who stole away the sins of man’s convention,
A cross and form at right ascension!
The astronomy and mythology of the aforementioned,
Whom but was pierced for our transgression,
The tale that lead to man’s discretion.
A riddle in poetic rhyme.

— The End —