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Peacock Secrets Jan 2021
Shady Pines thrive where
We abandon our elders
To wait to whither
Remember the Golden Girls!? Shady Pines was where they'd repeatedly threaten to send Ma whenever her sharp tongue went after too many people's jugulars. rofl.
hmm, a funny anecdote in the midst of a serious topic: elder care neglect. It's all too common. What are the root causes?
JJ Inda Oct 2020
The flowers
have been
ever since
I picked them
for you.
Jenny Gordon Mar 2019
Laugh at me.  


Soft blue skies put erst naked trees and thence
These yellowed lawns since dead, as if to scale,
In April's gentler light, though snow detail
The southern regions in that cold white sense
Of frozen Death, eaves dripping in suspense
While ice shrinks 'fore that ghostly breath's exhale
We once thought was Favonious', to avail
Hearts fainting on the threshold of sheer whence.
I canna think, although I sorr'ly do,
This world of mine a mess I wade through fer
So long now I've forgotten what it was as twere
To breathe.  Take notes of what we cherished to
Effect back when all half made sense, in poor
Scuse blind is't, LORD? whilst crying sans voice to You.

Haha, a new "take" on the old "looking for my bearings."
japheth May 2018
and just like that,
all the petals
of the flower
you once gave me

my vase still has
the stem,
it serves no
purpose anymore.

like any other
useless thing,
i’ve decided
to throw you away.
wasn’t able to write anything down over the weekend because i’m too busy getting a tan lol

but here’s  a little  though t i had when i suddenly uprooted my plant  again and had to repot it.

— The End —