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Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Here I am dieting again!
Is chocolate such a sin?
I graze all day on chlorophyll,
Eating salads, I feel like a dill,
How is the serenity?
It's only five-thirty,
Really having a swell time here,
What else can I eat, my dears?
Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Jul 2016
Here is my new missive!
Wake up negative!
Don't learn from past mistakes,
Greater mistakes you can  make!
Use any grand failure,
To give up! In Australia,
We'll smoke our vegetables!
Get negative, all you people,
Just give up!
**** it up!
Fill your half full cup of life
with *****, have lots of strife!
Whinge, whinge, snivel, whinge,
Let's all get negative!
Self-sabotage about the ex,
Who does behave like old T-Rex,
Drop out of school,
Break every rule!
Here is my new missive!
Let's wake up negative!
Bit of fun, made myself laugh. Feedback welcome!

— The End —