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Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
What matters?

Being a part of
The story
At the end of the day
Just remind
Never ever forget
To smile

Let's say
Let's try
Genre: Philosophical
Theme: Are you happy?
Author's Note:
How many times
You smiled?
How many times
You want to smile?
Were you the reason
To smile?
Viktoria Feb 2019
No way, no face to look at,
No touch to dive into,
No taste of sweetness,
No electrifying feelings.

No time to give to,
No one to give the time to either.
No tension, despite of illusions.
No hope, only dellusions.

Happy thoughts aren't stable, no more.
Just impulsive, in circles they go.
Chased by fear, just like every emotion,
Drowning in the cold deep ocean...

Of Loneliness, Searching and Hoping,
But senseless,
The belief is gone.
I held onto it, for too long.

The focus now is on what matters.
But isn't what should matter - love?
It's complicated. Self-love is the basis.
Is it? My way is lost and I am standing here.
Love drips down from my fingertips,
A few more seconds and I let it slip.
Isaac Aug 2018
I want people
More than pleasure
People are my pleasure
I'll happily take
Life's punches
For people
I'll happily make
Me a fool
For people
I'll happily drop
For people
For there's one thing
I know for sure:
I love people
People are
what matters
to me.
Written 10 August 2018
Samreena Lodhi May 2018
Accept me the way i am,
or forget me for who i am.

Though for getting me,
you don't have to let me go.

And for forgetting me,
you have to let me go.

Just accept me the way i am,
or forget what matters, the most.
ZT Jun 2015
1 is a lonely number
2 means a loser

the principle for my journey.

the stars I wanted to reach
so I climb
and higher
till the stairs had ended
but the tower continued

I want to reach the stars
I need to climb more
To make my own stairs, I needed

So I stabbed everyone beside me
The friends that gathered around me
those who shared the same dream as me
will be the foundation of my stairs

I shall sacrifice their dreams for mine
they shall be my stairs

as I step on their bodies to climb higher to the Top
gravity is pulling me harder
I get heavier

I need to sacrifice more
I need to throw away more
So without restrictions
I threw away more
and I continued
to climb

Till the last step before I reached the top
my knees begin to weaken
the air begin to lessen
I need to throw away more

so I threw away everything
and I was able to reach the top

yes, I've reached the Top
but I didn't reach the stars
the tower has ended

I was closer to the stars than I've ever been
but I felt nothing

I realized
I've thrown I away everything
to get on top
I've even thrown my dream

In the end,
I didn't reach the stars
the ones I held dear are dead
I am getting weaker and I can't go back

Yes indeed,
1 is a lonely number
We all have goals in our life but let us not forget what truly matters, what we hold dear. Don't throw them away to get your dreams. Coz in the end, what is success if you can't truly be happy?

this poem is inspired by the webtoon Tower of God

— The End —