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Seanathon May 16
Park bench sitting
Hands aching

As strangers ask
Quiet questions pass
Like cotton seeds

As an opportunity
The breeze
Passes us by

The clock Is already ticking on the countdown but will there be time enough for this planet to save  Itself from pollution and destruction we've had
But Is It too late to stop the clock that's been ticking since the beginning of  time or Is
to late what we
done to these planets now sad life which was to be our children Inheritance but let's face It what are we leaving them If anything at
Man call It to progress I would call It progressing even quicker towards certain doom for us
We have gifted this planet to look after and we have completely failed In every aspect of Its care and Inevitably we have failed
with devastating effect on our environment and caused
the Green House
on our climate we no longer have the four seasons It's whatever nature decides to throw at us and seems to be much worse
man will have a lot to answer to at the end days those days are closing
Man has a lot to answer too
at the end of days for It lotal
lack of care of this world we
were left to care for we have failed with deverstating
effects on our planet
Brenda Mukisa Mar 2018
your scent, your smile
the way you look dressed up.

I miss parts of you.............
that were never mine
to begin with.
because I once met a great person, someone is person.... and failed to get over him.
Drunk poet Jan 2017

The ominous wind

That blows from the north

Collector of women's wrapper

Exposing their dangling breast

To tears



The mythic Eagle

That hovers in the sky

Abnegator of mother's cries

Scaring off children like “ojuju”

In the dark



The shadowed beast

Giver of tears

Lurking in the dark

Laying ambush for innocent souls



A blessing to the old

A cause to the young

Messager of light

Servant of the dark

He hunts at night!

Feasts by the day

— The End —