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Lance Jun 16
3 Sentences
3 things I wanted to hear
3 things and Ill never feel despair

"I am proud of you"
"You were never a disappointment"
"You made us happy"

That's all I wanted to hear
For me to be able to bear
And live without fear

And yet
I lost a bet
And gave up the hope

You were never proud
You were a disappointment
and never made us happy

Was all I heard..
Family was always the choice of topic for me.. It brought out a lot of things I need to remove from my memory and one of the things that constantly reminds me of them is this.. They were never appreciative of the efforts thats why I decided to cut them out.
Nathan Jun 2017
I'm laughing on the outside
(You're talking about your date again)
But crying on the inside
(Oh how I wish it was me)

My heart yearns for you
But your obliviousness pains me
So when you go on your date tonight
Have fun, be happy, you deserve it

It's gonna be another night for me
Hugging my pillow, just wishing...

Wishing it was you

— The End —