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Prachi Sep 2020
Someone asked me,
Who is a teacher?
A pathway to degree?
Or holds a position deeper!

‘Union of multiple roles’, I said,
Is a teacher’s true identity;
One who enlightens the road ahead,
Assisting selflessly which is a rarity.

Playing a huge role in our upbringing,
And giving us a constant support;
Teachers were there motivating,
In the times we felt lost.

They teach us the art of life;
Losing sleep for other’s child,
New and innovative ways they devise;
It is incomparable what they provide.

The ones who are always well-wishing
Steering to right path and escorting;
They instill a passion for learning,
Student’s success is their earning.
Respect for all the teachers inspiring and supporting students.
Ayan Gupta Jan 2019
When the sunlight dies
and it’s time for the moon to rise,
a Pegasus, trots over the grey skies
witnessing your enchanting tired eyes
he knows,
he knows your wings are weak
and your dreams are too big,
making his eyes go bleak
he sees you every day, every night
under the stalwart sun or the pale moonlight
sees your knees weak, palms sweaty
eyes watery and you’re still not ready

Your heart is in the ground, frozen over
and your dreams in the sky, far from supernova
You, beautiful, are the heaven divine
and all your imperfections make you perfectly fine
we all have our little whimsical flaws
you’re a work of art
not everyone will understand you
but the ones who do
won’t ever forget you

you fret, a lot
but it isn’t even an ocean yet
it’s just a pool
of vulnerabilities and insecurities
of troubles very cruel
that you’re in the middle of
what do you choose to see?
the empty black void of disappointments
or the rays of sun sparkling on the water surface
but redeemer oh redeemer
we all are like a snowflake
all different, in our own beautiful way.

And here is this Pegasus
who sees it all, and knows
you are more worth than
maybes and second thoughts
a Pegasus who finds his own chaos unruly
yet, sees your chaos as perfection
would you get on his back
and ride to the moon and back?
would you give him the chance
to fix your broken wings and make them dance?

He might be the one
who falls like a desert rain and fill your lungs
kiss away your pain and speak in tongues
read the signs of your face
like a book written in the summer noon under tree’s shade
your fever dream, that’ll help you soar
to such great heights, you’d adore
your neon night, that makes you feel young
as if tomorrow will never come
walk with you along sidewalks of the dark azure sky
let your universe of wack
merge with his own
and scale the distance between stars

So after years and years, you’ll see that
the storms we chased are behind us
and love is all we’ll ever trust
just wish not to waste what’s left
and when your legacy will be sung
they all will know that
she was like the earth
potent and powerful
mysterious but beautiful
but who never left her side
was the one and only, Pegasus of the moon
You'll never walk alone. Look out for your pegasus and adore it to the fullest for he'll always extract the best out of you.
This is my first poem. Hope you'll like it, and do analyse crtically. Thanks!
Sourodeep Jun 2015
I don't want to be the big banyan tree
majestically standing tall in the field
jealous men scratching it all day, I can see
stealing it's shadows and breaking the branches
still it offers home to all these lonely birds
in all this brutality, how tolerant it can be !

                         I am not worthy of all this empathy

I choose to be a small ****, instead
hiding in the beauty of so many like me
and making this barren land, bucolic green
I am happy with a butterfly, hugging me once a while
for after a short life, I will either satisfy a cow's appetite
or be stamped to death by the ignorant juvenile
                 Wishing­ for happiness, but being stealthy
                      *I am not worthy of all this empathy

— The End —