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You say we're different
I say we're the same
We both have feelings
And we both have a brain

We both have ten fingers
Two eyes and one nose
We both have a smile
And we both have ten toes

But what about those
Who have no nose
And they can't stand up
Cause they have no toes

What about those
Who's smiles are dead
Because it was their turn
to have C4 strapped to their heads

What about those
Who have no rights
No choice at all
When it comes to their life

So, I hereby propose
That we all get along
Calm the **** down
And take a hit off my ****

Cause this world is messed up
Duh, we all got the memo
Lets all just be friends
Chill out, HELLO!?
Dedication to 9/11
Ember Evanescent Dec 2014
Okay, so she and I are not the same religion
Okay, so we are of different cultures
Okay, so we have different beliefs
Okay, her ****** orientation is different than mine
Okay, so she looks different than me
Okay, so she is a different race than me
Okay, so she doesn't believe in the same things as me
Okay, she has different values than me
Okay, so she says unkind things to me
She is still a human though.
And I owe her respect, basic human love, and kindness.
I don't care if we are polar opposites.
I don't care if she spits on my religion
I don't care if she loathes me and is cruel to me
I don't care if we have nothing in common whatsoever
We are both human
And that should be enough
For me to show her
Even if they are a different religion, race, culture, or anything than you, even if you disagree with them on many things, even if they are cruel, you still owe them respect and kindness. Remember, we are all human.

Black, White, Asian, etc.

Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bi, Transgendered, etc.

Elderly, young, middle aged, immortal etc.

Kind, unkind, strict, crazy, diseased, healthy, wild, careless, cruel, disrespectful, narrow-minded, broad minded, axe murderer, pacifist etc.

Atheist, Christian, Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, Muslim, Baptist, Buddhist, Mormon, Pagan, Wiccan, Protestant, Presbyterian, Hindu, etc. Regardless what they believe in, all humans deserve love, respect, and kindness. Everyone. No exceptions. Let everyone be who they are, believe what they wish and love them for themselves. Show EVERYONE kindness, because in the end, humans struggle with that. It's time to let go of prejudice and just show respect. :)

— The End —