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Magical and mystical
how it's done each time
warlocks witches ethereal
versed in folds and lines

The cosmic ramifications
being able to gather fold, and crease
textile machinations
will wonders ever cease?

For now I'll be content
to marvel how it's done
those with talents rare
maybe some day
I'll be one
Holy ****, there are vids out there of how to do it!
I still can't make mine right LOL ;D
Practice yielding only wrinkles
not clean, not square
not tight
Jordan LC Murphy Oct 2016
Hello poetry my companion and friend,
Please allow me to dance on this sheet with my pen,
You tantalise and tame the thoughts to my world,
Not sure if I've asked? But will you be my girl?
Tiggle my sense of humality, with your horror, humour and love,
I always end up your casualty, in poetic madness I trust,
Young warlocks in scholar, intellectually robust,
The essence of poets chasing word ****,
So hello to you my poetry... A silent salut from me to you,
May you blossom like a cherry tree and enhance the publics view..
A little thank you to HELLO POETRY.
Erick Pratt May 2013
From a land far away in a long lost time,
So far in the past that no one can find,
Deep in the forests of ash and of oak
Lived an old man that the elders had spoke.

Ageless this man, though ancient he was,
Told stories of the time that once was;
Stories of love, stories of war,
Stories of greed and so much more.

He would tell his old tales to young and to old
Every night by firelight whether t'was hot t'was or cold.
To those who would come he would delight
With lore of lives past or lore from last night.

But of what he did tell where a few gems,
Chronicles of a man whose life had once been.
This man in the stories in which he did speak
Lived in the hearts of both strong and of weak.

So now as I relay these timeless old tales,
Imagine a time when dragons did sail.
An age of brave knights, of kings and of queens,
Of magical realms and things left unseen.

When warriors fought valiantly with weapons of steel,
And peasants to royalty would bow and would kneel
Enter this lost medieval land
Buried beneath time’s own sand…

And sit a spell, let me tell this story that I know so well…
This is the first of a series I've put off.  The remaining parts are short stories that follow a set plot, but at different periods in time.  At some point I may add links to the rest, as I get them finished (if I get them finished).

— The End —