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Àŧùl Jun 2019
On every terrorist incident,
Leave they not a stone unturned,
And scream it without fail.

Why do they think of 7th heaven,
Heaven after killing so many,
Of the innocent people?

Undertakers of Ola they are,
******* commit dastardly acts,
Ever will they be able to gaze,
Right into their own eyes in a mirror?
Ola Who Uber is their warcry

Secondary acrostic.

My HP Poem #1747
©Atul Kaushal
Ammar Feb 2019
Things are not flying
as smoothly as it used to
the sky seems to fall
wherever I march
the poems I write
are war cries
as I get up once more
as I jump into the fray
once again
******* I'm exhausted.
K Balachandran Feb 2017
War of the words from the very word "GO"
was the warming up exercise for more malice,
makes the galleries erupt in rage, cry for more
But the folks that adore  peace is outraged
every jab finds it's mark, squarely on the jaw
making profuse bleeding another spectacle
we reinvent this business  as a blood sport!

Even a  dog eat dog madness grips the arena quick
each vicious animal bares it's fangs, for long in disuse,
get ready to be paid in return,in what you gave first
Raise the war cry aloud,  boys the game is on,
no going back any more, it's fight to ****

Every bit of the act is blown out of proportion,
by the heartless lot of blue eyed boys with lenses.
It pays to narrate  stroke by stroke,pouring oil
into the roaring fire, let it rage the longest period,

Merely the tip of an ice berg, all this you've now  seen
hidden with in the barbed diatribes is lethal  power,
things they hope would get heated too soon,
and would become a full blown "COLD WAR"

It's the post truth world of puzzles and games,
every such story ends in  a tragic twist at the end.
for us it'snot,we need a twist to make us smile.

— The End —