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leechyna Jul 28
Time is like a shuttle
Leaving in spring, coming back in autumn
Blame flowers whiter and blossom
Whose mind is buried by time

If this dream is like a bird
Can’t fly across the ocean
scared after the dawn
memory is also blank

Even if love is the weakest existence
I still dispel all the haze
Who is waiting for whom
Who couldn’t bear to blame
Time hurriedly go away and come back

I don’t blame
because of you, the dust is falling
I’m not afraid
Be with you, across the mountains anf the sea

Listen to the wind and rain outside the window
toast disappearance of sorrow without restraint
hard to say secret without reservation
who can understand
Whenever time flies
wait for a lifetime
Fearless of past and future
svdgrl Jul 2014
I could stop writing about *******,
But I just won't.
This isn't even for me

— The End —