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Laura Duran Mar 2018
She wasn't just a "visitor"  she'd been here a while
She sat in her corner chair, word search in hand
She always had a blanket around her shoulders
A big bag filled with snacks open at her side

Some times she'd have company
Out-of-town family maybe or perhaps a friend
They'd sit and chat, drink coffee from a paper cup
But mostly, she sat alone

She'd always leave her corner neat and clean
During visiting hours a "newbie" would never know
That corner chair was taken....that was her chair
After visiting hours she'd stretch out and re-claim her area

We knew though, we'd never take her spot
We some times met at the coffee ***
"How's your husband?"  "The same...How's your dad?"  "The same"
"Keep praying."  "I too."  

Then one morning I watched as she packed her things away
With tears in her eyes, she looked at me then slowly shook her head
As she walked passed me, we clasped hands for a moment
"Keep praying" she whispered, then she walked away

Perhaps it was just a coincidence....but
No one sat in her corner chair all day
She was only one person and yet...
The ICU waiting room felt empty without her

The lady in the corner chair
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2017
In the waiting room
The broken clock sits
Jade Louise May 2015
Hell is full of
Anger spun in ***** like Cotton Candy
Pink and Red
Hues of hurt and hate

The Earth is
A blue canvas
Of stretched out sky
And fresh dirt
Hues of humanity

Heaven is like stretched glass
The truth looking out
A vision of infinity
Infinity at its finest

And limbo is stuck in between
In between waking and sleeping
Between heaven and hell
Earth and the Afterlife

Its being neither here nor there
A decision left unmade
A book never finished
The truth stuck on the tip of someone's tongue
A waiting room
To await

We frown on Limbo
For being undefined
Except sometimes Limbo
Comes before Heaven
And After Earth
Sometimes not Knowing
Is part of the Journey

— The End —