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brandon nagley Aug 2016
Avaunt, avaunt, I want to be,
Betwixt thy kiss, where
Ocean's roar; as
Studded door's
Open to the
Love I need.

An aye from thou
An aye from me;
I needeth mine
Filipino queen.

Thro the sorrow Jane
I'll be waiting, thro
The morrow; this
Heart will be racing.

Pumping each second,
Awaiting thy touch;
Craving thy face,
O' the yearning
Is much.

Time is so slow
When we art
Many sea's

But I'll get
To thee
The morrow----------if not the morrow;

I'll try again another day.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane nagley ( agapi mou) dedicated
Avaunt- away.
Aye- yes.
Thou, also thee- means(you).
Mine- my.
Needeth- need.
Thro- means (through )archaic wise.
Morrow- next day, tomorrow.
Betwixt- between.

— The End —