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Asominate Jan 2018
Would you like to be my friend?
Help me escape?
Be the light of my life
And not a dark cape?

Do you mind I'm dead?
My pleasure's your pain?
What you call serious matters
To me, are just games?
Another vampire's wish
Asominate Jan 2018
Oh what I would give for a kiss from the sunshine
When your life is filled with nothing but the moonlight

The shade and smell of the pine trees overwhelm
Suicide to practice humanism

What I would give for a day at the beach
In the daylight
Sunbathe until I'm peach
Wish I won't mind...
...The fact that I'm burning away
In the afternoon heat, under the sun I play.
A vampire's wish
Asominate Jan 2018
So much red water
Coming down on me like rain
The red water
Is their pleasure and my pain

The red water
Shades of rouge on my skin stain
The red water water
Filled with particles unnamed

But the red water
Ashamed to say it gives me life
It's pure torture
Yet it is also nice

I spill water
Pluck your veins like a guitar
Liquid ruby
Garnet star

No more red water
Abstained because of my wrath
Oh well,
Time for a red bubble bath
Vampire taking a bath (sort of)
Asominate Jan 2018
Oh, is it a lip bite hurt so bad
Plucking a bloodstream from my flesh
Blood going down into my head

Oh, titanitum needles inject
Give acid, take red water, insect

Dizzy around on the sky
Fly my wingless butterfly
So dead live

Oh, insert here, puncture shoulderblade
With enjoyness come and that waterfall
Metamorphosis cells my body change
I am rebuilt

Pale sheet, translucent skin, I flap
Sunshine hole in wing fire
You I live and die desire
This is about a vampire feeding then turning into a bat in sunlight and dieing.

— The End —