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copykitten Sep 2019
Putting my hands over my ears
Intent on blocking the world's clamour
Once again alone with you
In this darkness of the voice within
Your sweet existence in my head
Saying 'I love you'
Caressing my name
Singing songs I'll never forget
For once, I just want to get lost
Carried away by things that don't exist
Forever walking in a dreamlike trance
Hand in hand with you
To this fabricated reality of our joint souls
Hallucinations, are you?
Andrew Choo Mar 2018
Some things in life
You just have to
Fight alone.
I need help to
Get away from
These dry bones.

It's not help
That I want
All I want is for
Someone to listen
Someone to be there.

Don't you see?
My vanity is
Driving me to insanity.
My peace is
Being shattered into pieces.

I'm broken and bound
Chained down
Silent, no sound.
Held back
Mind tight
Body torn
No slack.

Piles of stress
Negative overflow
Strength relying
More or less
Clutch or kick
You're an amateur
You ain't a pro.

Angels and demons
All around me.
Darkness surrounds me.
Happiness astounds me.
My life's killing me.
Your Name Here Jan 2018
Took a shot,
just to see what it taste like
My faith wrapped in paper,
only to feel it burn away

The silence is deafening,
yet the noises drive me insane
Stare at the hands
as the spin around in circles

Over and over,
they continue in circles
Now my world is spinning,
even as I lie still

Vision is sutured,
though images still create
Bumped into a stranger
Maybe I just want to feel

Do you want another slice of cake?
Do you want some more?
Take another slice,
I insist
Take it,

Me: "Sure"
day 2 in the life
Voices in my head
Beckoning on me to wed
The me I left and fled
Far east in tears
Till months turned to years
And outgrew my old wears

Be still my soul
To never look back, my goal
Till my life is whole
Shout all you want
To be one with you I can't
It's not easy but I have learnt
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Sitting on the soft floor surrounded by white
Hugging your self wither you want to or not
The light is so very, very bright
In your head your screaming stop

Because they're buzzing so loud
And it's the only **** sound
But the voices in your head are starting to crowd
In your brain they are circling and twirling around

How did I end up here
I don't remeber a thing
There is nothing at all that is clear
Did I finally snap, that one final little string

Oh those ******* lights won't they stop
My voices yell in unison, it's causing them pain
That buzzing is gonna make me blow my top
If it don't stop soon it'll dive them insane

And if they go nutty what will happen to me
**** it's been hours, or has it been minutes
I'm not sure, seconds it might be
I'm being pushed past my limits

Still, tho I can't see a clock
I can feel time ticking by
Or maybe it's not
I would know if I could see the sky

But that is impossible so I just rock and I sway
The buzzing has now become my back beat
I know it's been years now, or maybe just days
I can't tell this room is dripping with deceit

I know when they open that door
Drowned in my own drool
Right there on the floor
Just another crazy fool
Shruti Atri May 2015
There was a voice in my head,
Someone was screaming really loud;
I heard the voice from a distance,
I could barely make anything out.

I heard a voice at a distance,
The voice was mine, and it screamed;
I was screaming ****** ******,
I had murdered who I used to be...
Brian Payamps Oct 2014
Lost the passion for the art. That poetic justice I use to bring forward from the heart. Is that what made me real? If so I'm just as fake as Roman Cathology. Am i that book you tired of reading? laying on a shelf fighting dust bunnies. If so tell me where the passion go. Tell me where's the love I lost. I remember how you stroke my pages. How you opened me in half and just past your fingers through my body Oo. how much you read. For hours we were there on your bed. Just us, or you forgot. You had  no one left. Don't you miss my sensitive skin and Out lining of gold. Your favorite King James edition. I... I mean did you really trade religion for idealism. Didn't I help you preach unity. Tell me who have you left behind even Luis Farrakon was mentioned in your lines. Perfectly a lined to make the the next one better, and the old ones new like a retro pair nines. Tell me where's this woman we call justice or she a man. She beats us then she feeds us. Lost in my thoughts. Hard to understand the turmoil when you have won and you lost.

— The End —