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Poetic T Apr 2020
Pack it up, pack it in
don't throw my bolts there creating a din.
I won't ever battle you, that would be a sin.
Never will I stack up,
              cos you just  knocked me down again.

Trying to act higher,
            with you and your godly crew.

  But I'm the lord of the dead,
             come on get your tombs up,
I raise the dead, can I have some hands up.

I have two minions, no there not yellow.

Pain is his name.
             Getting splinters in your **** cheek,
stubbing your toe once again,
                                 jump around, jump around
                         his confusion will get you down.
           Then we panic,
                  who likes a bit of disco.
   But he'll move your keys
just so you jump around, jump around
                           lateness is his merry go round.

I'll serve you up on the river of sticks,
           If your coins ain't legit,
   Throwing your cheap **** off the boat.
You get a special place for being tight-****** ..

   I've got more schemes, than any other villain,
copyrighted some cos others trying to steal um..

Tried to get Hercules on my side, but he was a
       goody, goody, with piercing blue eyes..
   I tried to ride his horse but it threw me off,
            Slightly embarrassed by blue hair went off..

Yes I 'm bald and I wear a flaming  blue wig,
but I'm a millennia old, and no sunlight down here.

You think Zeus locks are real,
        More like Clouds that with a deceitful blow,
have his head looking  like a shiny chrome dome .

My name is Hades and I'm king of the underworld,
                                           I'll  never rise to the top,
    But I'll see you on the other side,  enjoy it up top.
Iz Nov 2018
I have met bad men
Who have been good
For only me
And that is where it
All falls into humanity
The villain in your story
May be the hero in mine
Eyithen Aug 2018
Holy water cannot help you now
Thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want you crown
I've come to burn your kingdom down
And no river or lakes can put the fire out

What do I do with the burning in me?
Should i share it or burn alive?

Awaken every dragon
Awaken every wolf
I am hell with skin
Not a gentle human

There is something hiding behind my eyes and inside my soul
They should have checked the ashes
Of the woman they burned alive
Cause all it takes is a single wild ember
To bring a whole wildfire to life
We rise from ourselves, when the pain has dried us out
Cause there is nothing left in our hearts after the drought

War is not a game

I'm not the monster you think i am
I'm just the monster you wanted me to be
You can hate your demons
With all that you are
You can yell and scream
Curse them with all your heart
But at the end of the day
They're the only ones that see your scars
When you remove the mask that hides your face
They're the only ones that see who you really are

We are a new breed rising
With fire in our eyes
We don't fear anything cause we have already died
Molten eyes and a smile made for war

Oh so you want a battle i will give you a war
You will have to wade through blood
You will have to give everything up
But then you will be washed clean
Judge me if you want we are all going to die
I intend to, i deserve it

You want a fight, ill bring you the war
But take off the masks and let your monsters soar

So hush little baby don't say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It's just the beast under you bed
In your closet
In your head
Cause monsters don't sleep under your bed
They hid and they manifest inside your head

We all have our demons and skeletons hidden away
The war that is coming won't change our fate
We all will die, we all get a grave
There is nothing you can do to change your fate

Are you the hero or villain? There is no difference
We have been blurred grey till we can't tell the difference
A villain  is a victim who wasn't saved
A hero is haunted day by day

Everyone will always be a monster
There's no turning back
But what type is up to you

My thoughts are too dark
You'd suffocate in them
Stop hiding a part of yourself away like the moon
We will be revealed soon
Most of these are lines and quotes from Pinterest. I felt they all fit together. I couldn't find the rightful owners of these. So just to clarify "I DON'T OWN ANY OF THIS". NOT MY ORIGINAL WORK. The only thing that is mine is like the last two sentences as well as little things i added in here and there.
Elise Jackson Nov 2017
two sides
black and white
day and night

there's always the hidden third
but we rarely talk about him

he's quiet
there to give us the truth
but what references does he have

what proof does he have

but what proof do we even have

we are always forced to follow one or the other
but when do we ever consider the third side

who is not the truth
but the realization that a lot of things are wrong
and we only point them out to each other when
it is relevant to the failure of others
Jannell O Mar 2016
Who is the scariest creature of them all?
Is it one with claws and sharp teeth?
Or scars all over it's body?
I'm afraid not.
It is One that has the power to take away life.
But you say " everyone does that, heck we even swat flies."
Yes it is true, but to the fly we are the scariest guys.
So who is the scariest to us? That make us run from dusk till dawn.
Certainly, We have one that we all fear. A monster that slowly crawls around here.
My greatest fear is one who knows no boundaries, no kindness, nor compassion, one that cannot ration.
You wonder what my fear is to be, truth be told, my fear is you and me.
Yes Human kind can be quite scary, quick to spill blood on an adversary.
Marisa Lu Makil May 2015
I am 13
And I have just started writing.
I am asking
"How do you make someone seem wicked
"Without making them swear?"
My father then told me
That swearing
Is lack

Is a person
Who can't think of anything better to say
Find a better way to make
A man
And then
You are on your way to becoming
A good author

That's when you know
That someday you'll be a great one.
Swearing is not cool.
My lovely voice can carry, and carry it will
For her voice is scary, and hateful, and shrill
I’ll protect humanity with sounds so pleasant
And drown out her screaming; like a dying pheasant
And i’ll be the hero, and i’ll have the fame
And she’ll go down in history as a woman with no name

— The End —