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Descovia Mar 1
A name given to the strongest and

healthiest of all earth's angels!

Designed for more than greatness!

A mixed martial
An actress
A model
A tv personality

Received the blessing of birth
To be born with one
of the many heroic names

You have strength beyond dimensions

You Possess magical spiritual energy.
Responsible for maintaining balance, and aids in the restoration for perfection.

We have a chance, for survival on our current home planet.

Take care of the Earth, for there is only one!

Do not fear what the fall brings
It will pass like any other season!
Don't not give up on love
It brought you into
our eternal home
Through your mother's decision
to accept pain and give anything!

She served more
than one reason
To prove you both were everything
I pray the world, sends  continuous reminders
That are vivid and true
You have no reason
To be gloomy and blue
I want you to hold
your head high
Enjoy the sweetness of the rainbow.

Like your favorite candy.
Life might try to bring you down
Believe in yourself, mother, the love you have for your family.

No matter the obstacle
You will pull through!
oblivious to the darkness to come;
i started to have my braids undone

sank my fangs to a well-ripen peach
only to have my sunday dress drenched

you looked me in the eye and said
"i like you better when you're a mess,
you become who you really are,
not just who you want to be"

and my hand landed a slap on your fair face
"i didn't work hard to be a mess
and for someone to admire my weakness
im for someone who gaze at my greatness"
for my favorite queen
It is hard to believe that you can love someone so much. Such personality from someone so small. Since the day that I laid eyes on you I loved you.
You were like a mini me.
I could also see my mother in you. When you first came over you looked at the walls. I wondered what you were looking at. There were pictures on each side of my bed. You knew where you were by them. You would look at them and smile.  
Such an intelligent little baby girl. You were
born with knowledge. You questioned everything. Your understanding and ability to discern is remarkable. You are such an amazing baby. Grandma loves you and wants nothing less than everything perfect for you. My Vali my world you are always going to be Grandmas first Grand-Girl.
My first grand daughter. My monster and my joy.

— The End —