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I just want these voices to stop.
I dont want to never be good enough
I don't want to starve
I dont want to carve "FAT" on my thigh
I dont want to exercise.
I just want to be normal.
I would rather stay fat rather than unhappy,
But these voices make it hard for me to do that.
Sometimes I want to scream for help,
I want my friends to know that I am drowning
But it's so hard to find the courage to tell the truth.
These voices tell me
That they will think I'm not sick enough
That im not worth the effort
That I'm not enough for them to care
So instead, I give out subtle hints,
"I'm really sore"
I spent all night exercising
"I slept for 12 hours"
I wanted to avoid food last night so I slept and slept a lot due to the fact that I stayed up til 2 am doing squats all week
"Im hungry"
I've been fasting for 18 hours
No one could possibly understand unless they ask
And if they asked, they cared.
So why tell them if they wouldn't care enough?
Mi vida loca
Scott Hamsun Jan 2017
You say you want change,
You even go to protests, you say,
But as I look at your body of work ,
All you have to say is,
"I wasn't the one who broke those windows",
You don't do anything, you just yell among other yells,
Get over yourself, you aren't anybody,
Do something, don't say something,
Mr. nobody from nowhere,
The martyrs blood is worth so much more that the screamers spit,
Or even the writers ink,
You don't know art,
You don't act,
You just assume your overheard opinion is worth enough for us to listen.
KISS Jul 2016
You can
imagine how much
I hate myself
I'm **** I'm usless what
am I here for
I can't even imagine how much
Everyone hates me I'm a nothing
A nobody and ****
I'm **** usless a nobody and nobody cares how they treat me nobody 2 talk 2 who would actually understand I hate myself so much I can take it my parents off and on my family hates me I hate me
KISS Jul 2016
I hate how I'm
and yet I'm still
someone who is
and talking
and breathing
who should not be
breathing talking or
I wish I was nobody
but no matter what
I will still be a sombody who wants to be a nobody cause she
already is useless
and ****** I want to
have friends who
treat me really good
but no
I have a ****** up
group of friends.
that I love so much I can't stay away from
I hate that about me how I love everything I hate  so much sometimes I hear
people say how can someone so perfect
feel so Insecure as to scar her skin with cuts and burns as if her pain isn't haRd enough ... I hate me I hate everything about me I hate it all I'm very very ****
I really do feel this way I know it might not make sense but yeah

— The End —