Svode Nov 11

Wasted parts of space.
Lost in thought and in uses;
a blank canvas without any muses.

A friend of mine claimed that the hardest part to writing poetry was finding a topic, so I made this for them.
Ben Sep 2014

i'll keep telling myself i'm fine till i'm dead
you can always improve yourself tomorrow
a fatal flaw - one i'm too comfortable with
to change on my own two feet, alone
but i keep jumping off bridges and hoping
that i don't hit my hopes on the way down
even underwater i'm hopelessly hopeful

#hope #hoping #hopeful #hopefully #hopeless #hopelessness

Coal, graphite and diamond
All are elements of pure carbon
If you take a vote
I will go with graphite
Cause I am a writer -

@ Musfiq us shaleheen

graphite is the matter that we use to make pencil....
graphite means I write...

— The End —