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(cuz ma life iz such a drag...
this **** kin “FAKE” ****  
pyre aye roll out to you dear reader).

As a double jointed mathematical abbot
and amateur chemist
   specializing in cannabinoids
   my favorite delta-9-tetra
   hydrocannabinol (THC),

   isolated and synthesized in 1964
weeding thru bathroom rag
   while athwart the *****
   i.e. measuring adequate perforated
   square roto root er, sans
   regular toilet tissue paper
   prior to completing important

   private business matter
   on the sacred porcelain chamber ***
Mary Jane made a token appearance,
   and boy she looked smoke kin hot
asking if I wanna marry (Jane) her attired
   in drag at a joint where Billy ****  

   banged on by the hands of
   a phenomenal drummer
   taut as a **** knot
with music in his blood
   while blowing  fractal rings – holy Scott
the immediate utterance,

   and rather creative bon mot
found me stock still like stone wall Jackson,
   who unfortunately got deprived a hit,
   nonetheless got shot
unwittingly by his own (confederate troops),
   whose demise an awful blot

per southern cause during
   the Civil War and if anachronism
   to receive medicinal aide available
   instead of primitive treatment he got
(as well other wounded soldiers
   of misfortune on the battlefield),

   whose faith the any almighty power
   could do little to save their roach invested lot
yet availing my imagination
   to twist time like that Mobius *****
mortally wounded rebels and Yankees
   free from facing death on a cot
might be successful ****

   entrepreneurs cultivating a little spot
of land **** would outstrip cotton
   as king as export to trot
orange you glad I avoided
   the analogy with a kumquat?
please baby
be my last
crazy ladys
she grabbed
she ripped
the buttons off
favorite shirt
she was the first
how many loves

how many words my dear
may we call you my dear
we already called you over
we were hoping your hand
park bench

we will never forget these stotys
you have calmed me in an hour

there was never an case
me and you
it has always
been need
i need
love you

car alarms keep going off in my head
why are you stealing from me
we woke up and seen
you running
with an
flannel shirt
fell back to sleep
dreamed we
hung ourselves with that flannel shirt

we woke up screaming
how many loves

don't let your webs grow cobs
that's what catches you
Svode Nov 2017
Wasted parts of space.
Lost in thought and in uses;
a blank canvas without any muses.
A friend of mine claimed that the hardest part to writing poetry was finding a topic, so I made this for them.
Ben Sep 2014
i'll keep telling myself i'm fine till i'm dead
you can always improve yourself tomorrow
a fatal flaw - one i'm too comfortable with
to change on my own two feet, alone
but i keep jumping off bridges and hoping
that i don't hit my hopes on the way down
even underwater i'm hopelessly hopeful
#hope #hoping #hopeful #hopefully #hopeless #hopelessness
Coal, graphite and diamond
All are elements of pure carbon
If you take a vote
I will go with graphite
Cause I am a writer -

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
graphite is the matter that we use to make pencil....
graphite means I write...

— The End —