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Lot May 11
My body is the urn that holds my ashes.
No matter how I change its shape and design,
its purpose stays the same.
Can you set me free of this decay?
carbonrain Dec 2018
maybe someday I'll give you everything inside of me.
maybe someday we'll hold each other and this time  -  not let go.
you inhale the gold dust kept in an urn as you open it to scatter the ashes.
like secret stars that aren't allowed to shine.
the light has gone out of my life. X
Brynn S Nov 2018
I cannot count the nights devoted to you
Wishing at candle flame for your eyes
Adornment and absolute
You were the one to fan the spark
Raging fires under fingertips
Strong hands down onto heartbeat
Controlling breath with trace
Movements like a conductor
I was your muse
The piece that would give you forever
Obtain the stars and guide reunion
Together we shall not fall again
Shubham Kamble Apr 2018
who'll hold your memories
recite them like a fabled story
a land
where you held hands
leaving a long trail under infinite sky?

who'll hold your urn
enshrine it as a priceless relic
when you exile
far far away
where heaven is called a home ?
Sa May 2015
Her last words
preserved in his empty heart,
like ashes kept in an urn-
to remember the times
when she is not
the time
when they were.
ryn Jan 2015
The Stars will collide and the ashes will cover our grounds
- Tiffanie Noel Doro

burn my body,
flesh and bone just the same•
let loose my soul so it might be free•but
save my remains before the wind comes to
claim•so you'd remember me as the dream-
er infinitely•pluck the stars from the night
skyline•don't forget the moon for I adore
it so•grind them to dust and scatter the-
irs with mine•i'd have them as comp-
any to the place I will go•handle me
with care, no you must not spill•
ashes and dust...funnel me in
turn•place me near, on the
mantel or the sill•my for-
ever will then be sealed
in your cold...shelved...

Inspired by Tiffanie's "It was never that simple", for Frank's "Let's Do A Line!" challenge.

Tiffanie's last stanza really got me and the line I drew from her poem simply sang to me.
Thank you Tiff, for being such a wonderful writer and for being such an inspiration!

— The End —