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Ylzm Apr 11
there are questions I can't ask
for I speak a strange tongue
and walk in a land desolate

but they will be answered
as I walk, as they were behind me
in surprising places and unseen light

the burden's easy, the walk's a delight
gladly I bear the gift, precious and life itself
Ilya Krivonosov Mar 2019
The road turned to the side,
Then on the field three turns.
Go forward, throwing his head,
Go and blow on the clouds...

The barn is crooked, her knees shaking.
Why I climbed in such Tyumen?
Such untrodden wasteland,
Such far Anadyrs?

On Monday the devils sing,
I feel sick again.
Sleep and pray, eat or sleep,
But there will be no evil.

— The End —