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Hollow Steve Sep 2019
depise m3.
Always clinging onto
It wasn't my fault.
The stresses stresses on
And nothing like it
Could ever begone.
It tears me.
You ever rip apart
The flesh of metaphoric
Ofcourse not.
It belongs subjective.
Parallel and defiant.  
It belongs to no one.
This continues onward.
It discontinues.
Complicated is,
to be Honest
Compromised is ,
not the Conscience
A simple thought
Li Apr 2016
I stitched
your name
in my chest

and every time
someone got too close
don't touch this,
this is not yours

was what I always said

people came
and people left

I still waited

but one day
the stitch ―
your name
untangled itself.

— The End —