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LC Oct 3
he helped me untangle
the knots in my mind
just by being there.
purple heart May 14
i was fine,
i was breathing,
but dying inside,
suffocating in an open field,
trapped in my own body
unable to set free.

i was like that.
your past self
Robin Lemmen Sep 2018
Untangle my body from yours
                        Step number one
Untangle my gaze to stop from speaking
                        Step number two
Untangle my dreams from reality with you
                        Step number three
Untangle my happy from your presence
                        Step number four
Untangle the future from our possibilities
                        Step number five
Untangle my person from yours
Puff May 2015
I unfasten my seatbelt
When riding in the car
Because I like the feeling
Of not being confined
By the thin straps of fabric
I wish I could unfasten
Your hand from my throat
But some things are harder
To untangle yourself from
Charlie Hazels May 2014
Put your troubles into something else.
Don't use that razor blade again.
Or the blunt scalpel you keep.
Or even that bent kitchen knife.

Put your troubles  into something else.
Leave the eyeliner on the shelf.
Leave the rubbers in the box.
Leave the earrings on the stand.

Put your troubles into something else.
How about the doodles you draw.
Or the stories that flow from your pen.
Even the paintings done at dawn.

Put your troubles into something else.
Maybe, even, me. I won't look at them.
I will gently untangle every one.
Trim them until they are all gone.

Put your troubles into something else.
Not a sealed chest.
Not a closed box.
Not a corked bottle.

Put your troubles into something else.
Let your mind be free.
Let your heart be free.
Let me be free.
Just some thoughts about someone all collated here.

— The End —